Discuss last Five Years of our site.. What you liked what You disliked..
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By Doridro

Its Been A long Way.. when we started this site..in August 2006.
We dreamed to make our site would become one of the top music
websites of Bangladesh. It was a sky-scraping hope but
you guys kept supporting us all the way..
And Your Love for Doridro.com has made that possible..
now.. We got Over 1,00,000 Members!
And we have achieved that only because of your love n devotion towards
Us And Ofcourse THe Almighty Allah's Blessing was upon us.

In this Joy of Passing This Milestone.We've Added a few New Addition to Our site,
Hope You all are going to love those :)..

*All New VIP Sections
*Trial Support Team
*Khepa Voice Chat
*New Theme
*Quick Reply MOD
*MOM Legend..etc

In this remarkable journey there has been a lot of up and down but
Our team members kept it altogether with the immense support of our
beloved members. And that's the reason We are standing here right now.
We can’t thank you enough. And now we continue our journey with
renewed enthusiasm and excitement With All of you Towards a more better future!

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By D 3 V 1 L

Ontor attar shondhane chute cholche mon majhi......
Shei sathe chute cholchi amra.....
Ontor attar Shondhane >:D<
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By xciting
জেনে অনেক অনেক খুশি হলাম,DoRidRo Rockzz :x
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By Bib0rn0
wowowo/.................chomotkar.............doridro r shokol stuff der dhonnnobad.....shei shathe doridro r mongol kamona korsi... =D>
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By Nishchupp
this is a great triumph for doridro!!! <:-P <:-P <:-P
it's celebration time!!! <:-P <:-P <:-P
we are all a part of this great accomplishment...and we don't stop here...
we'll keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P
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By RaNa
Gr8 Achievement 4 Doridro .....
<:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P Congratzz to doridro... <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P
congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....doridro <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P

Love uuuuuuuuuu..........amader natiputio jeni doridro member hoy.shei porjonto long live doridro. :x :x :x
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By Odhom
Congtatzzz 2 all!!! standing on diz we hope 4 more popularity which has no end......
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By ``dhongi``
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amar doinondin jibon er sathe Doridro jemon mishe ache goto 4 bochor dhore...emon kore protiti member er ontore mishe thakuk Doridro.com...aro oneeeeeeek shomriddho hobe inshallah!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratzz 2 Doridro.....
Doridro rockzz nd we all love Doridro...
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By Ahmed Denim
Doridro.com Deserves 2 be the top music
websites of Bangladesh..

Thanks 2 them thouse who stayed, supported and worked for this site !!! cheers 2 them !!! and as a Member of Doridro, my pledge is i will try the best from my side 2 work for it!! Doridro is a part of ma daily terms !! i cant stay without logging in here !!

Congts 2 Doridro for its deserving 1 lakh members.. hope inshAllah in few days it will multipel in2 2ouble..

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By [ Polu ]
Hmm Kon Khan Theke Shuru Korbo.
Normal Wish Diye Palate Parlam Na.
Cuz Site Tar Sathe Onek Sriti Jorano.
Manuser 2ta Life, Ekta Virtual Ekta Real.
From Doridro I Got Virtual World & Real Relation. Bro & Sis.
Yeah Doridro Gonna Rock. Its Not Just A Normal Download Forum. Its a Part Of My Life.
As Megh Amr Nati Natkor Ei Site Er Support Team Thakbo Khekzzz =))

Wow...Finally...1,00,000 Lakh.. What TO say I'm Speechlss :)..

Just Proud to be a Part of Doridro.com
Long Live Doridro.com n Keep crossing More n more Landmarks

LOL! suki vai...
By Kanan
Congrates to Doridro.beshi :D Com..... <:-P

.:MeghBalika:. wrote:Love uuuuuuuuuu..........amader natiputio jeni doridro member hoy.shei porjonto long live doridro. :x :x :x

:-* es to Megh For this line And Ya Long Live Doridro.