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By Draghima
Ami ALLAHer rahmote 5times namaj pori,bishwas kori er kono excause thaka uchit na.
By saon0172
it isnt seems over reacting.....if they are in boat what they will do...... ha ha ha.....
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By Nishchupp
``ÐHØÑGî`` wrote:But Mecca and Medina te kono non-Muslim allowed na. karon amra airport theke Mecca dhukar shomoy, passport check kore, naam dekhe, muslim name ki na.

Apnar post ta pore ami ektu confused hoye gechilam!!pore madinate thake emon ekjon re call kore janlam je macca r madinate non muslim allow na!! :)

Ontopic: Muslim der 5 times namaz pora obosshoi uchit.
thans for the post.
By abwrath
chotolokera...janos je saudi te rasta porishkar kore gorib bangalira?????? jaderke fokinni ak beton dia rakhe kotipoti ra....oi namaz porar shomoi nijer desher kothao dowa koris.jano amader shujok ashe saudi teler taka chakor na hoiya..ogoreo amago rasta porishkar koraite pari ak din.....

kom taka dia.....aise....hojiiiiii hojiiii mukho
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By TukTuki
There are many people who say they don’t have time to pray at work or school, or while they’re out. But how many have ever said they don’t have time to go to the bathroom, so while out, at work or school have opted instead to just wear Depends? How many of us just don’t feel like waking up at Fajr time if we need to use the bathroom, and choose instead to wet our bed? The truth is we’ll get out of bed, or leave class, or stop work, to use the bathroom, but not to pray.

It sounds comical, but the truth is we put the needs of our body above the needs of our soul. We feed our bodies, because if we didn’t, we’d die. But so many of us starve our souls, forgetting that if we are not praying our soul is dead. And ironically, the body that we tend to is only temporary, while the soul that we neglect is eternal...
By YuryVA
Just wanted to get a discussion going with the people of this Area so we get to know each other better n stuff.

Im Chan btw,24, Im from Rockville,MD but Im currently staying over in Alexandria,VA. I actually like the new concept a lot and the color Black is really growing on me. Im a fan of the rear hatch part, Im hoping that its a hatch/liftback. But I dont like the back bumper.

Whats the color of your choice? and whats your opinion on the new concept that will probably production. Anyone here waiting to see the Subaru version first before making a decision? I know I am :O
By ShataginAS
An advanced satellite in the middle, and a ring of normal sats around the edges. You lose money on the mission, but not too much and it gets it over with.