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Video songs Uploading Rules

Please Follow This
1. Advertising other websites , forums or blogs by any means is strictly forbidden.

2. File name Must contain- Doridro.com or
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in it .
Example Sheela ki jawani-[Doridro.com].avi

3.Thread title should be as follows: movie name (year) - size - (Dvdrip or PreDvd or Cam)
Example: Tanu Weds Manu (2011) HD 1024p all video songs

4. . Don't Create Incomplete Thread. You Must Open New Thread after Full Upload. (uploading ... coming soon ... Not allowed )

5. Do not post rapidshare, megaupload, easy-share HotFile etc link & do not Hide link.

6. IF Your Links goes Dead You'll Receive a pm notification.. within 5 Days If you don't update your links the thread will be deleted.

7. There is no restriction about posting a Movie even it was posted before [Not With the same links though].

8. Try avoiding posting rar zips that contains other websites tag inside [Recommended ...not a Must but will be pretty much appreciated if Done so]

9. We are a MF based website so
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is the first priority though You can post other resume supported links as well.

10. Your posts Will be deleted if you Violate any of the rules above. Without any further notice.

DonT PosT Any PhishinG Link Here or You Will Be COmpletely BanneD From This Website.

Must Follow
>> Do not "copy-paste" others posts
>> Do not post "video/hot-clips"
>> Provide proper title
>> Provide proper screenshots
>> Provide proper+detailed file-informations
>> Provide "pause-supported" download links
>> Any kind of Link-Shortener is NOT ALLOWED

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