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By icAЯµs
How to use the New SEARCH Engine

Hello Fellas!! Its been a pleasure to have you all on board. As you all know is a huge site and growing bigger day by day so it might be a little difficult to find something on this forum by searching through regular Search Box in the middle of the forums but if you follow the simple tutorial below and use the New SEARCH Engine you will get your desired post just in a blink. It's very simple... ;)

:idea: :idea: :idea:

01. The SEARCH tab in the middle of the forum pages doesn't give you a good result. So LEAVE that.

02. Follow this link: :arrow:
Please Login / Register to view the Link

03. It will lead you to a page like this:


04. Then put your desired topic in the SEARCH box. Please try to be as precise as possible about the topic. The more precise you will be the more accurate your search result will be.


05. After writing topic press SEARCH, BiNGo...You will get the topics, bellow the search box, you are looking for. Topics will appear related to the words you will put in the search box.

06. Go to the topics, click it and you are there.