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By Freaky
Here you can request your favorite Natoks..!!


1.For Natok's TVRips that will be telecasted in the TV ... make request atleast 24 hours before time of telecast.
2.For Natok's DVDRips give proper dvd release date.
3.If dvd already released... in that case give sufficent information about the Banner of the Natok.
4.Do not make more then 2 request in the same post.
5.Give sufficient time to the uploader :)
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By Freaky
siamul600500 wrote:please upload eid ul azha natok vejal mondol hd rip. WRITTEN:bindabon das CAST: mossaruf karim and chonchol choudhory DIRECTOR: salauddin lavlu

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By Abhie
Mesbaur rahman shumon er "Cha and Coffee"

7 torun nirmatar natok er ekta - "Sir Apnake Nite Eshechi"

Partho acted probably Masud hasan Ujjol directed - "dhulo mati something... ghran" sorry i cant remember the whole name, the drama was set at the tribal life of our country.
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By Freaky
tofael7 wrote:ring chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii >:D<

dihan_babu wrote:ring

tearkayn wrote:ring by fahmi

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