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The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) was created in 1981 as a department of the Ministry of Education to consolidate the country's education system covering all levels between pre-primary and pre-university, including general, technical, vocational education and madrasah education, as well as teachers' training. Its task was to revise, renew, develop and evaluate the curricula. The Centre also provided the Textbook Board with technical and professional assistance in the implementation process. In 1983, the National Curriculum Development Centre and the Bangladesh School Textbook Board were merged to form Bangladesh National Textbook Board, which later came to be known as National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB).

This Year 2010 Govt has decided to publish Govt. affiliated Text Book in online. For my online friends and net user from Bangladesh, I am giving links of those books PDF format in following link.

Textbooks for the Academic Year 2010
(Bangla Version Only)

Primary Level

Download Link:

Secondary Level
Download Link:

(English Version Only)

Download Link:
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