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>> Don't Request same Series twice .
>> Only request Anime n Cartoon Series in here
>> Provide proper info of the series (if possible provide imdb link)
>> be patient after requesting

Request Format:
1. Cover/poster image (if possible)
2. Correct title of the series. eg: Naruto Shippuden (not Naruto 2/other)
3. IMDB Link/wiki Link. eg:
4. Rip you want. eg: 400p/480p/720p
5. Preferred size range. eg. 60-80mb or 100-120mb (per 25mns range)
6. Preferred Filehosts.

If you want us to fulfill your request, you must fulfill the requirements first.

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Green Lantern new season, Thunder cats again, Buzz Lightyear, Ben 10 new season, Dragon Ball Z All movies and season, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Superman, Spider man, Justice Legs, Mr.Been, Pokemon All Movies, X-man, Tarzan etc upload 720p or 480p small but clear and most important thing is your upload sites does not last long. So please please,,,,,,,,,,,last long days to your site.

Another Request is <<>> Send me email when uploaded files

[email protected]
Manjure Alahi wrote:Post in right section & read the rules

apnader bangla movie er REQUEST SECTION er link
ta denna please
bro ami shudu cheyechi tomay and game A bono dvdscrrip movie upload
koren please bro
axiokast wrote:Sir, Please upload Naruto Shippuuden Eng Dubbed Episodes in 480p. :-S Will you? :-/ Sir, please reply. I'm waiting. :(

Plz Read the rules
Bro my request is :
1)Thunder cats 2011 or 2012 full season
2) 480p
3) Below 1gb
4) Arabload or Firedrive
Bro IMDb link ta dite parlam na sorry. Asha Lori request ta fulfill hobay.