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Dear freaky gurudev,
Please upload Abar Jakher Dhan
directed by Jagannath Guha
starring : Dwijen Bandyopadhyay
facebook link :
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kintu facebook er download link ta fake.

Please try to upload .... please parle apnii parben....
Freaky wrote:
Here u can request for Drama Serials if u have 50 posts or above

You must read these rulez before make a request......
1. You can't request more than one Drama Serial in a same post
2. Dont give any reply without the Drama Serial link
3. Don't give linkz with external sites link
চৈতা পাগল এর পুরো নাটকগুলো চাই বস। ৬০ পর্ব পর্যন্ত দেখেছি দরিদ্র থেকে। পারলে একটু দেবেন
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