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By Don
[align=center] ICC World Cricket League Division Five

Mozambique v Nepal

MOjar Jinis Dekhen[/align]

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By jhaura
bah...bah.alam vai to onk valo bowler.BANGLADESH team_e ani,ki kon????
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By Oshadharon
:P tUmaR mot0 plaT3r niYa khelleY t0 em0n e h0ibo, ki koW :P :D =))
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By JoKèR
:D :D haha valoeee jinis dklm :D :D
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By khurre
ha ha ha ha ..... haste haste goragoi....
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By ``M@FiA``
oi din ki khela hoisilo. :-O .cricket naki onno kisu :-O

Mojar post :P
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By passionate detective rds
Thats great!!!Mozambique really cant play cricket.Congrats to Nepals M Alam (7.5-1-12-10).He should play club cricket in England.He should qualify 4that.Exceptional cricket talent! :!: