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C.Ronaldo or Messi

PostPosted:24 Apr 2008, 13:29
by manob
Who do u think is d best?

PostPosted:24 Apr 2008, 13:31
by jhaura doubt about that.....

PostPosted:24 Apr 2008, 17:03
by TotHaKotHiTo
kon Ronaldo .? brazilar na portugaler.......?
amar kacha doi jon kai valo laga karon akek joner style ak ak rokom

PostPosted:28 Apr 2008, 13:35
by 0purnota
Who do u think is d best?
---> for me its messi ..

PostPosted:30 Apr 2008, 02:33
by Mohican
mmm messi :x

PostPosted:01 May 2008, 20:48
by Monmurtir_shorir

PostPosted:21 May 2008, 06:42
by ganwala
I love both of them

PostPosted:19 Jul 2008, 00:25
by ashik0526
Of course Messi.

PostPosted:23 Jul 2008, 16:27
by galibfish

PostPosted:11 Aug 2008, 09:48
by ajijur rahman
That's hard. :-?
But I think Messi is d best..

PostPosted:20 Aug 2008, 18:27
by qazax
ofcourse C.Ronaldo. i love him, i hate messi


PostPosted:23 Aug 2008, 15:11
by amibangali_69

Re: ronaldo

PostPosted:23 Aug 2008, 17:24
by TankiBazz
amibangali_69 wrote:opsssssssssss

[font=Comic Sans MS]Dont Spam In The Forum[/font] :-w

PostPosted:21 Nov 2008, 15:05
by -Ð@Rk.ÐèVî£-
MEsssii Is da best...Ronaldo is good too..but messi is the best !

PostPosted:21 Nov 2008, 15:10
by JoKèR doubt about that.....Mesii is best

PostPosted:22 Nov 2008, 04:34
by khurre
MESSI, MESSI and MESSI.... C.Ronaldo is good but far behind messi in all class

PostPosted:22 Nov 2008, 05:47
by Don
messi......................... :)

PostPosted:22 Nov 2008, 05:57
by >>Ev@N<<

PostPosted:30 Dec 2008, 18:06
by crystalfellow
messi is better player than c. ronaldo.....coz ronaldo shows off too much

Re: C.Ronaldo or Messi

PostPosted:04 May 2009, 17:48

Re: C.Ronaldo or Messi

PostPosted:22 May 2009, 00:58
by johnjay
i would say they both but i think for free kicks, & accelerated player " C Ronaldo" no doubt!! no lie, go check in youtube! haha

Re: C.Ronaldo or Messi

PostPosted:07 Jun 2009, 04:24
by Ibrahim Misbah Sadiq
Messi...After the final, there is no doubt.

Re: C.Ronaldo or Messi

PostPosted:15 Aug 2009, 18:26
by Nishchupp
Crishtiano Ronaldo

Re: C.Ronaldo or Messi

PostPosted:23 May 2010, 22:47
by ¨°º0 ČāяέŁέŝŠ 0º°¨
.:.: Nishchupp :.:. wrote:Crishtiano Ronaldo

Re: C.Ronaldo or Messi

PostPosted:29 May 2010, 22:43
by -Ð@Rk.ÐèVî£-
I actually Like both The players..Both are Great...
But i think Barca's Messi is Better Nowadays