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By Sh@t.rOnG__
Monopoly kew like koren? amar khub ekta fav. game..jodio onek time lage khelte but still khub mojar ekta game
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By Tani.Chy
I love monnopoly..but i play monopoly with only one person or else i can't play..coz i miss that person... :(
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By !~:Darkz.Ninja:~!
Kheltam ooonek choto belai...akhon too somoy ee pai na....:(
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By ~!!Rajkonna!!~
amar o onekkkkkkk valo lage monopoly :) . cousin ra aksathe holei kheltam. kintu akhon r khelina...karon amra sobay akhon onek dure dure.
bt i miss it :(
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By mega_war_head
[font=Arial Black] [/font]I miss this game very much. Only problrm is this game requires at least 3 players. Hard to find these days.
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By TukTuki
i loved this game!!! choto belai kheltam!
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By Indeed
Its for kids.
its not for kids
kids'ra eta khelte pare na, trick bujhe na oto unless s/he is too brilliant
tobe ei game khelte gele patience rakhte hoi khub, naile shesh....