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By qazax
it really depends on which league you wanna talk about...

Bundesliga (Germany)
Bayern München


La Liga (Spain)
Real Madrid (even tho beckham's gone)


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By ..::AbSaR::..
[font=Lucida Console]Only Mohammedan Sporting Club (I Love M.S.C)[/font]
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By khurre
Italian Serie-A: AC Milan, EPL: Liverpool, Spanish La Liga: Barcelona............ but always enjoy good plays of any team....but really like these mentioned teams.
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By engr_maruf_f7
like Man Utd............coz the players r young n energetic..........
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By nirbak
Real Madrid
Because of their playing style, their long successful history and also the most interesting thing: the change of managers :p
By isbipu
Get u r facts right Liverpool is the most successful team in the history of EPL. so liverpool You will never walk alone.
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By Mordeth
Dude forget past,r u there when liverpool won their last PL trophy 18 years back??I've been watch EPL like 10 years,in the last 3 year they havn't made close call to Man U [except 2003].this season they got a competetive team but havn't made a major conflict till, their playing is better but what do u do if u not able to get a trophy?? look at future u'll afraid of your "clubs" future.
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By i.h.rahad
I support these clubs :|
liga do brasil - Santos ,Sao Paolo
eng. premier league - Manchaster United
la laga - Real madrid
bundesliga - FC Koln
MLS -L.A Galaxy
serie A -AC Milan
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By fairy_wizard
Man Utd FTW & till da death!! :x :x :x
Just mentioning da name of Sir Alex Ferguson is enuf to tell ma rzn ;;)