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By 69
Australia k everyday haraboooo ...kolllll
By asif619
Well future of bangldesh would be achiving more exerpeience
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By mega_war_head
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Amar mone hoy bd aro valo korbe future e. As die hard bd cric fan I and all my countrymen want them to do well.
By maruf
Bujhte partesina... I think we r going to be another UNPREDICTABLE TEAM... Majhe majhe mone hoy kono unnoti hoynai... abar majhe majhe feel proud of them..
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By -Ð@Rk.ÐèVî£-
lolz wah!d bro eita ki koilen :(( ...........apnar theke eta asha korinai.... be positive bhaijan..We will improve n ofcourse its gonna take we gotta be patient ...the problem is most of the players in BD national cricket team r still immature...but they got potential to become the way they r playing against S.Africa..dun u think they improved a bit perhaps compared to the way they played against N.Z? Yup i knw we all get so mad when they gets beaten up so badly n ruins oppurtunity's..but we shudnt 4get that we r still new in the international level compared to those team we play wiv...our cricket structure aint enough strong yet n we r still in the learning level.. ..if we stick to the squad we r playing now n duznt change it too much.i'm sure that we gonna get a strong team in the near future :) .....Just be patient may b they aint improving at the rate we want them to but they r improving plz keep supporting our team n plz back them up ..we r their main strength u know ...if we lose hope in them then who the hell gonna back them up.. so lets hear it ... BANGLADESH!!Zindabad!
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By Deja Vu
In future our cricket team will do much better..............
We will win d world cup within next 10years............its my beleif >:D<
So tigers......lets roar 2gether!!!!!!!
By Umar
Lets look forward to the upcoming PAKISTAN ODI Series :D
By john1st
amra ek shomoy best team hobo
dont worry...
amra koek bochorer moddhei best team hobo :)
By sami1
Future of Ban cricket is in danger now.Reason is the structure of our cricket & a very weak base.Without having a decent base,no nation can play in the international arena.Ban cricket has some little positive points&a lot of negative points.Positive point is having players like Shakib-al-hasan,Tamim Iqbal,Raqibul Hasan,they can really become world class batsmen.Spinners like Abdur Razzak&Enamul Haque Jnr can really shine.Pacers like Mashrafee,Shahadat&Rasel(Economic bowller)are decent.Rajin Saleh can be a good test batsmen.Imrul Kayes,Naeem Islam,Nazmus Sadat Mahbubul Alam have good possibilities to become an international player.Backup players are really needed in international level.The young players have good amount of agression&confidence.Negative point our players play less domestic cricket&practise makes a player perfect.Ban should play more&more first class&list A cricket.Ban should arrange domestic tournaments by following IPL,Eng county cricket,Sou county cricket.This matches must be telecasted by a cricket channel of Ban.I dont think,people will mind watching their heroes plying.It will cost BCB much,but they must be benifited by the spectators&channel.These domestic tournaments will be made impressive&competative.Day night matches will be arranged.Our batsmen struggle in bouncers.Bouncy,pacy,fast,slow,various kinds of wickets should be made in the stadium of Ban.In view of the point of wicket-keeping,Mushfiq must learn it&should improve his batting too.If he fails to do so,we must search for an another wicketkeeper who can also bat higher up the batting order like Gilchirst,Sangakkara,Dhoni as it adds a new dimention in the teams batting prospective.I remember,Mushfiq made a few mistakes in WC 2007 in the Carribean.In the point of captaincy,Ashraful did well against the Aussies.He should get chance.He is a talented player,should play agressively in the ODIS&should make big scores in the tests.Shakib is another option who can be a good future captain.14 players have gone to the ICL,I dont think it will cost us much.But Shahriar Nafees&Aftab Ahmed is a good loss.ICL players have complained about not giving them respect,future security,economic problem.This must be prevented by BCB.BCB&the players must have a good relation&should work togeteher for the development of Cricket.Many one will complain about the limitations in Ban Cricket.But you cant talk about the limitations in International format!BCB must eradicate this limitations.Players must work hard as so the BCB.And Ban cricket can take help from the other boards&former players.If this can happen,Ban will surely win World Cup.But working hard&confidence is must to shine.