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Adam Gilchirst,the former wicket keeper and batsman of Australia wants the cricket should be included in the Olympic 2012.The other players and the cricket fans also want the same.The mayor of London has told the words of hope about it too.

The mayor of the town where the Olympic 2012 is going to be held has said that,
'It is the best time to include Twenty-20 cricket in the Olympic'.

Its really a great news to the cricket fans!

But but but in Olympic 2012 many other sports are to be included too.So,IOC removed the option to include cricket in Olympic 2012.It is also be noticed that,Lords and The oval which are the grounds where the cricket will be held if included is also pre-occupied in arranging sports like baseball and archery.So there is shortage of venues too.ICC is working hard to add Cricket in the Olympics.It will happen certainly fot the interest of the Asian.