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Hello,friends.I am a big fan of Cricket.Lets share our cricket thinkings&opinions in this thread.I will post msgs abt match reviews of Bangladesh&my thinking of our cricket development.I hope who r cricket fans will join here surely.
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By passionate detective rds
Match Review

Only Twenty-20 International between Bangladesh vs South Africa
Played at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, on 5 November 2008 -D/N

*Dhaka Warriors has the most of the experience players of Bangladesh likes of Shahriar Nafees,Alok Kapali,Aftab Ahmed.

*Inexperienced Bangladesh paid the price of making mistakes.

South Africa 118/7(14 Over)
Bangladesh 109/8(14 Over)

Result:South Africa won by 12 runs (D/L method)

It was really a close match.Ban should hv won that match.Lets look at the mistakes which Ban has made in this match.


1.Mushfiq dropped a catch early in the South African innings in the bowlling of Syed Rasel.
2.Ashraful dropped a catch of Ab De Villiers.
3.Mehrab Jnr dropped a catch of Ab De Villiers.
AB De Villiers was the highest run scorer of SOU 36,getting two lives.


1.Run out of Shakib.He suddenly stopped&thn again ran and ws run out.Plz dont hesitate while running.We expect a lot from Shakib al hasan& we know he is a responsible player.

2.Run out of Mushfiqur Rahim.There was a big mix up between Naeem Islam&Mushfiq.Running between the wicket was very poor & it must be improved.

Positive notes:

1.Tamim(25 runs of 24 bowls,4 boundaries) & Ashrafuls batting.Ashraful hitted 5 magnificient boundaries and scored 21 of 10 bowls.
2.South Africa strugglled against spinners.Bowlling of Abdur Razzak(3-0-16-4).Shakib also picked up two(3-0-21-2)
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By passionate detective rds
Match Review

1st One Day International between Bangladesh vs South Africa

Played at Senwes Park, Potchefstroom, on 7 November 2008 - day/night (50-over match)

South Africa 283/8 (50 Over)
Bangladesh 222/10 (44.2 Over)

Result:South Africa won by 61 runs.

Bangladesh showed good performance in this match.At one stage of the match,whn Ashraful & Shakib was batting Ban was going towards the victory.But the other batsmen couldnt carry on.

Fielding & Bowlling

1.I think,Mushfiqur Rahim missed a catch in this match too.Mushfiq really needs to work hard in his wicket-keeping.I remember,he also did miss catches,run out chance& stumpings in the World Cup 2007 too.In spite of sometimes showing promising batting against world class attack,he isnt performing regularly in his batting.In my opinion,Dhiman Ghosh is a better wicket-keeper who did well in Australia in 2008 though he has gone to the ICL.
2.Dont bowl full toss in the last ten overs.As it will surely go for the maximum six runs.


1.Poor running between the wicket.You have to take every possible runs to win a match.But dont throw your wicket while doing such things.I am talking about the laziness.
2.When the boundaries arent coming,consentrate on taking singles or doubles to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Positive Notes:

1.Ashrafuls batting(73 of 78 bowls,10 boundaries).He has really played brilliantly.
2.Shakib al hasans all round performance.(51 of 77 bowls,6 boundaries) & (10-0-48-2).
3.The spinners did a good job in this match.Naeem Islam took 3 wickets,his figure (10-0-60-3 ).
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By passionate detective rds
Match Review

2nd One Day International between Bangladesh vs South Africa

Played at Willowmoore Park, Benoni, on 9 November 2008 (50-over match)

South Africa 358/4 (50 Overs)
Bangladesh 230/10 (49.2 Overs)

Bangladesh lost this match whn the bowllers give away to many runs.What should I call, A BAD DAY FOR BANGLADESH.

Fielding & Bowlling:

1.Mashrafee dropped a catch as well as the match of Hashim Amla who was batting thn for 15.He made 140 to provide South Africa to get into the mountains of runs.
2.Save every possible runs&backup ur bowllers.It really increase the confidence of the bowller.Ban should follow AB De Villiers or Jonty Rhodes.As Ban is a young side,they hv the advantage to do&should do the work properly.
3.Nothing to speak about the bowlling.Bowllers failed to bowl in good line&length and South Africas batting was extra-ordinary.


1.Wrong shot selection.
2.Incapability of playing the bouncy delivaries.Imrul Kayes really strugglled to play the bouncers.

Positive notes:

1.Tamim Iqbals excellent innings of 41 runs of just 22 bowls hitting 7 boundaries & a six.He didnt give away the match to South Africa so easily & made it challenging.I liked that!
2.Zunaed Siddiques 47 of 82 bowls hitting 5 boundaries.He did strugglle against the bouncers in the early overs,but came back strongly and did well.When the team is losing a match&has lost a couple of wickets,batsmen should play for their own performance.If he score a century,it will add an extra dimention in the team in the future matches.I appreciate his effort.
3.Mashrafees 34 of 22 bowls hitting 4 boundaries & 2 sixes.His batting can be instrumental in the last ten overs in the future matches.
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By JoKèR
;;) *** job bro. Ami r ki likbo sobe to liklen. *** feature.
Thank U. >:D<
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By passionate detective rds

On September,2008 14 players of Bangladesh went to play in the Indian Cricket League(ICL) keeping their international cricket future in doubt.They were asked to talk with BCB but none came.After that,they were banned by BCB for 10 years.Soon it was emerged that they received the calling letter from BCB after 3 days from the due meeting time.All the players are playing in the 9th and latest team of ICL named 'Dhaka Warriors'.Dhaka Warriors consits of all the 14 players of Bangladesh.
Lets look at the DHAKA WARRIORS team:

1.Habibul Bashar (Capt)
2.Shahriar Nafees (Vice Capt)
3.Aftab Ahmed
4.Alok Kapali
6.Mahbubul Karim
7.Dhiman Ghosh (WK)
8.Mohammad Rafique
9.Mohammad Sharif
10.Tapash Baishya
11.Musharraf Hussain
12.Farhad Reza
13.Monjurul Islam
14.Golam Mabud (WK)

All the players here had problem with the Cricket Board & had several reasons of joining ICL.Besides the reason of getting a large amount of money,they told many reasons to quit.If they played in the international side regularly,they would get the same amount of money.So,they really had other reasons to participate in ICL.Amoung them,Shahriar Nafees,Aftab Ahmed&Alok Kapali is the big loss.

Habibul Bashar,is the captain of this side.He complained that he was called 'An Old Boy' while practising by the coach.Even he wasnt allowed to practise in the ground & was compelled to leave the ground immediately.Though he wasnt in good form,but he was the best test batsman of Ban and the most successful captain also.In his captaincy period,Ban was started to grow as a team.He should be given chance&opportunity by BCB like Micheal Vaughan is getting from ECB right now.

Shahriar Nafees,the vice captain of Dhaka Warriors is a big loss.I think he had a communication gap with BCB.A player of Dhaka Warriors(I think its Nafees) complained that he was dropped from the side&why he being dropped wasnt told.The coach & the captain Ashraful wasnt used to talk with him.He cant play cricket in this type of environment.

Aftab Ahmed,is a big loss.He didnt say anything clearly because of joining ICL.He was injured bafore joining ICL.

Alok Kapali,came back in the Bangladesh national side hitting 115 against India in the Asia Cup.But he wasnt given a contract.He showed this reason of quiting.

Dhiman Ghosh,in my opinion one of the best wicket keeper of Bangladesh & Musharraf Hussain showed economical family problem etc.Nazimuddin& Farhad Reza didnt show any reason.

Tapash Baisya,was a new bowl bowller of Bangladesh.He was left out from the team in the World Cup 2007 because of injury.He complained that BCB didnt take care of him and wasnt given such facilities to get underway in the international scene.

It is also known that Mohammad Rafique had also problem with the selection panel.So,he retired in March 2008.

Mohammad Sharif and Monjurul Islam also didnt show any reason.Mahbubul Karim & Golam Mabud is the two only players who didnt represent Bangladesh in the international arena.

Performance of Dhaka Warriors:

Dhaka Warriors became 5th amoung 9 teams in the T-20 challenge of ICL.They won 4 out of their 8 matches.The other four losses was also reasonable as they fought hard.They were once 2nd in the table winning 3 matches in a row.Dhaka Warriors is a popular team of ICL and gained much popularity amoung the locals.Bashars captaincy & the team spirit of Dhaka Warriors is a matter of charm.Alok Kapali made the maiden and yet only the ICL T-20 century and the 2nd of leading run scorer of ICL season 2.Tony Greig,Dean Jones,Pat Symcox is really impressed with Kapali so as the other players of Dhaka Warriors like Nafees,Rafique,Nazimuddin.Bowllers like Bond,Gillespie,Tuffey,Streak was also strugglled against the Dhaka Warriors batsmen.Shahriar Nafees is also amoung the leading run scorers.Nazimuddin also showed his batting agression.In the bowllong side,Musharraf Hussain is amoung the leading wicket takers.Mohammad Rafique also took wickets&maintained the run rate.Alok Kapali 2 times,Nazimuddin 2 times,Shahriar Nafees 1 time and Mahbubul Karim 1 time was the man of the match.

Some people told that Dhaka Warriors wont be able to play good cricket in ICL.But it was prooved wrong.Dhaka Warriors just missed the semi-final at a little distance.Players have gone to ICL to improve their game also.ICL gave the opportunity to make a individual team of Bangladesh which IPL wont do surely.The success of Dhaka Warriors is brought by the player,practise and match improve facilities provided by ICL.Dhaka Warriors captain Habibul Bashar always tells that 'DHAKA WARRIORS is a team of Bangladesh'and wants the support from home.


ICL doesnt exist the retired players or those players who r at the end of their international career.They have the young talents of India specially those who doesnt get such facilities.Most of the players of 'Lahore Badshahs'(the other foreign team of ICL except Dhaka Warriors)are young&they have many many cricket left in them.The experienced players are there to help the young cricketers.By playing with the experienced contenders,the young players can really learn many things about the game of cricket.Competative cricket is played in the ICL,which isnt surely not available in Bangladesh.BCCI,the Indian Cricket Board is against ICL for their internal problem which is created for Indian cricket match telecasting business.But Cricket mustnt be hampered for this reason.There is no such difference between ICL&IPL.ICL should get ICC approval.It will be good for cricket or the cricket and the players all over the world will be hampered.
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By passionate detective rds

I have made an plan that Bangladesh Premier League(BPL) should be launched by cricket authorities.It will be a cricket tournament of course by having ICC approval under their belt.BPL should follow IPL,ICL or club cricket of England,South Africa,Australia where competitive cricket is being played.Bangladesh need a strong domestic cricket structure to let the high class players born and to perform consistently in international cricket.If they r capable enough of doing so Ban will be a more strong team in the international arena.We can see that,India is playing superbly after the launch of IPL or some other Twenty-20 tournament.

Domestic cricket in Bangladesh isnt competitive at all!!!Here in Bangladesh,domestic cricket is played on slow and low wickets.So,runs dont come and pacers cant enjoy bowlling on this sort of pitch.As a result,batsmen of our country struggle against the bouncers.

Bangladesh Premier League(BPL) should consist of 3 cricket tournament.They r Twenty-20 championship(Domestic T20),50's challenge(List A) and super test series(First class cricket).

7 teams will play in BPL.6 of them are our divisional team and the other one is the only foreign team named 'Zimbabwen Rebels' having the players of Zimbabwe who has quit Zimbabwe cricket for political problem or any other reason.
I have also chosen the name of 7 teams of BPL.Tigers,Warriors,Kings,Dolphins are now common names of domestic teams all over the cricket world.So I havent picked these names.
Lets look at the teams of BPL.

2.Chittagong ANACONDAS
3.Rajshahi JAGUARS
5.Barishal BRAVES
6.Sylhet SULTANS
7.Zimbabwen REBELS (Consisting 14 or more Zimbabwen players)

All these names will have the local players who r talented and have possibilities to play in the international cricket.All the teams will have at least 4 overseas players.BPL should give contracts to overseas players who can give support to our local and international players.Ban can give contracts to the Ireland players who r really talented and showed their class in World Cup 2007 like Neill O'Brein,Boyd Rankin,Kyle Mccullan.BPL can help those international players who r over-looked by the selectors and need a platform to show their performance and class.Players will be divided into 60% and 40%. 60% will be local players and 40% will be overseas players.

The pitch and ground facilities will be improved in order to arrange the BPL.Pitches should be made fast and pacy.We need floodlights in every possible grounds to arrange day-night match.

The players can really improve their game by playing with experienced international players.They can surely feel the heat of international match which can really help them in future.

There is a Super test series in the fixture of BPL.There will be 3 matches between BPL Ban vs BPL World,BPL Zim vs BPL World and BPL BAN vs BPL Zim.

Zimbabwen was a very strong side in one time.They really hv international cricket talents.But most of their players hv retired in young age due to political problem.I hope all these players will return in international cricket and play 4 Zim soon.'Zimbabwen Rebels' consists of this type of 14 or more players to get underway in the international ODI nad test matches.

I think,the home crowd of Bangladesh will surely enjoy BPL and will surely suffer from CRICKET FEVER.Ban should launch a cricket channel and should telecast all the matches of BPL.I dont think,its a tough work to do.We can really have the benefit in the international cricket by playing competitive BPL tournament.It will be little expensive to arrange BPL.But benifit must be gained by showing the advertisement of local products between two overs but not hampering cricket which happened in the World Cup 2007 in Set Max.Cricket authorities must have the double benefits from the sponser,channel,spectators and local media in order to make it better in the next time.

Anyway I have made a list of things to be done for arranging BPL:

*ICC Approval
*Teams coach
*Coaching system
*Fitness trainer
*Match refrees
*Sports channel launch
*Grounds pitch and outfield preparation
*New stands in the stadium
*Floodlights in every possible stadium
*Teams jursey design
*Sports materials
*Donation(from ICC and other cricket boards).

BPL will be really going to rock the nation.The theme of BPL will be 'CRICKET ROCKS'.
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By passionate detective rds
Match Review

1st Test between Bangladesh vs South Africa

Played at OUTsurance Oval, Bloemfontein, on 19,20,21,22 November 2008 (5-day match)

South Africa 1st Innings-441/9 dec.
Bangladesh 1st Innings-153
Bangladesh 2nd Innings-159(Follow on)

Result:South Africa won by an innings and 129 runs

DAY 1 (South Africa 1st Innings-299/1.Smith 138*,Amla 103*)

Bangladesh bowlling and fielding:

1.Mushfiqur Rahim missed a stumping chance of Graeme Smith when he was 83 in the bowlling of Shakib al hasan.In my opinion,Dhiman Ghosh is a better wicket keeper who has joined ICL.
2.Imrul Kayes missed a catch of Graeme Smith when he was 118 in the bowlling of Shakib al hasan.
3.Mashrafee missed a catch of Hashim Amla when he was 97 in the bowlling of Mehrab Jnr.
4.Graeme Smith was given 2 lifes and Hashim Amla was given 1 life by the fielders.

Positive Bowlling Notes:

1.The bowllers maintained a good line and length.Mahbubul Alam and Mashrafee Mortaza was impressive though they didnt pick up wickets.
2.Shakib al hasan was an unlucky bowller.Graeme Smith was dropped twice in his bowlling.

DAY 2 (South Africa 1st Innings 441/9 dec.Smith 157,Amla 112,Prince 59*)
(Bangladesh 1st Innings 153.Mushfiqur 48,Shahadat 23,Shakib 14)
Follow on-(Bangladesh 2nd Innings 20/1.Zunaed 7*,Tamim 5*)

Positive Bowlling Approach:

441 is a good total but not a huge one in the test match.
1.Shakib al hasan was brilliant and his figure was 38-4-130-5,having such wickets of Jaques Kallis and AB De Villiers.
2.Bowlling of Mahbubul Alam was impressive and his figure was 24.5-8-62-2,having the big wicket og Graeme Smith.
3.Mashrafees in swing delivery in which Hashim Amla was bold.

Poor Batting:

1.Twenty-20 temproment was amoung the batsmen in this test match.
2.Playing shots in a delivery which should be left away.Its important in test.
3.Imruls terrible batting performance.Following Jamie Siddons and Ashrafuls comment,I dont know where he had played well the pacers.He just wanted to survive.But cricket isnt just to survive.Here you have to remain in the wicket and score runs too.Imrul also did struggle badly in the 2nd ODI in Benoni too.He was out twice in a day in this match.
4.Zunaeds wrong shot selection.He made a leading edge in a delivery of Dale Steyn which was going down the leg.
5.Ashraful was out hitting a way outside delivery of Dale Steyn.The commentators said that he didnt want to learn from making mistakes but doing it again and again.

Positive Batting Notes:

1.Mushfiqur Rahims 48 of 63 delivaries hitting 9 boundaries.

DAY 3 Follow on-(Bangladesh 2nd Innings 67/3.Ashraful 7*,Mehrab 0*)

Poor Batting:

1.Tamim was out hitting a way outside delivery of Ntini.He was going well scoring 20.
2.Zunaed was also hitting a way outside delivery of Kallis.He was also going well scoring 27 of 68 delivaries hitting 3 boundaries.

DAY 4 Follow on-(Bangladesh 2nd Innings 159.Mehrab 43*,Zunaed 27,Tamim 20)

Poor Batting:

1.Mushfiqur Rahims run out.Running between the wicket must be improved.There was no need of that and its a test match.Its the worst sight of our batting prospective.
2.Shakib al hasan was out in the both innings of the match by attempting a cut shot in a bouncy delivery.

Positive Batting Notes:

1.Mehrab Jnrs batting.He was not out for 43 runs of 69 delivaries hitting 6 deliveries.


Bangladesh batsmen wants to play a way ouside delivery and finds himself out.They just throw the wickets away or it can be called suicide.Batsmen can be out in a good delivery or findindg the fielder playing a good shot which can be called bad luck,this will not be criticised.But I cant agree with throwing the wickets away.I dont know the batsmen can understand the fact or not.They are just lacking their batting averages which dont do justice with their batting talent and ability.

In this match,Bangladeshis gain is Shakibs five wicket.Mahbubul Alam was also impressive.In the batting prospective,Mushfiqurs 48 and Mehrabs 43 not out was the notable innings.


1.In the 2nd test,Bangladesh should pick Raqibul Hasan dropping Imrul Kayes and Abdur Razzak dropping Naeem Islam,who couldnt do anything with the bat or bowl in this match.
2.They shouldnt play wey outside delivaries.This deliveries should be left away which is important in the test matches.Bangladesh should follow South Africas Graeme Smith in this prospective.
3.They should learn quickly from mistakes.
4.Running between the wickets must be improved.Bangladesh should follow Zimbabwes Tatenda Taibu who runs very hard and puts pressaure to the fielding side and doesnt become out doing such things.

I hope,Bangladesh should glance over this things and will eradicate the mistakes.I hope Bangladesh will bounce back in the 2nd test in Centurion.
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By passionate detective rds

Match Review:


Played at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad, on 25 November 2008 - day/night (20-over match)

ICL INDIA 164/9(20 Over) (Satish 44,Binny 27,Khaleel 27)
(Musharraf 3/48,Tapash 2/22,Kapali 1/18)

ICL BANGLADESH 165/5(19.3 Over) (Nafees 70*,Kapali 44,Aftab 26)
(Jesuraj 2/25,IS Reddy 2/32,Mortuza 1/29)

Result:ICL Bangladesh XI won by 5 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)

Performance of the players:

Shahriar Nafees > The man of the match of this match.He showed his class in this match.He has scored 70 not out of 54 bowls hitting 4 boundaries and 4 sixes.He hitted 2 huge sixes of 81 m and 79 m when it was really needed.Today he came at no 3 position for a different tactics to keep him playing the 2 spinners of ICL India in the mid overs.He is really in superb form.He is the top scorer for his team for the last three matches(70*,31,35).
The home of cricket cricinfo says,
'Brilliant Nafees steals a thriller'.

Alok Kapali > His innings of 44 of just 23 delivaries hitting 2 boundaries and 4 sixes was really a match winning knock.Once ICL Ban inneed of a required run rate of 9.7 and Kapali came in,played his natural game and turned it into 8.5 lacking the pressaure.Commentator Dean Jones explained Alok Kapalis 6 like this GRACE,BALANCE,POWER,TIMING,BEAUTIFUL HANDS POSITION-everything positive.Dean Jones also said in one of his shots,'Unbelieveble.What a timing!Full face of bat.Fantastic to watch.Fantastic.'He was also said that the commentators had seen there an amazing batting.Kapali was the most economical bowller in this match and his bowlling figure 4-0-18-1.Alok Kapali is really in super form.He was the first ICL batsmen to make a century which he made against(100) Hyderabad Heroes.

Musharraf Hussain > Musharraf was amoung the leading wicket takers in the ICL 20s challenge too.In spite of giving 48 runs in 4 overs,he picked up 3 wickets today.

Farhad Reza> I am really impressed with Farhad Reza.He is really changed.He wasnt a bowller of great pace before.But he proved everything today.Watching his pace and bounce commentator Dean Jones said,
'Where he had been before?'
He played couple of matches in ICL 20s challenge and came back in the side today in place of Mohammad Sharif.He was bowlling today at a speed of abt 130 kph which is really more thn Ban pacers Mashrafee and Shahadat.His highest speed was 132.8 kph and bowlled bouncers time to time and was called no ball for this reason too.His bowlling figure is 4-0-34-0.But he bowlled very well.

Tapash Baishya> Tapash Baishya also bowlled well today and maintained the run rate of ICL India well.He bowlled some bouncers and troubled the batsmen too.He gave just one run in his first over and picked up important wickets too.His bowlling figure is 4-0-33-2.

Dhiman Ghosh> In my opinion,Dhiman Ghosh is the best wicket keeper of Bangladesh.He has got 13 dismissals(9 catch,4 stumpings)in his 14 ODI career ang gained much popularity for his keeping against Aus in Aus.Dhiman was very lively in todays match.When it was 13.1 over,in the 3rd delivery,he just walked to the offside to save the double.Was really appreciated and he was in the fire.In the previous match against ICL World,Nicky Boje attempted a reverse sweep on Musharraf Hussains delivery and missed,he was quickly stumpted by Dhiman Ghosh.It was a tough and good work.He certainly saved a boundary in a wide bowl by jumping.He is really impressive and quick behind the wicket.

Bashars captaincy as usual was very impressive.Though there was some sloppy works in field for the unexpected bounce of the bowl,ICL Ban team effort and team spirit was a thing to watch out for.Coach Balwinder Sadhu really worked hard,made gameplans.He really belongs to the team.
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By passionate detective rds
Match Review

2nd Test Between Bangladesh vs South Africa

Played at SuperSport Park, Centurion, on 26,27,28 November 2008 (5-day match)

Bangladesh 1st Innings 250 (Zunaed 67,Mushfiqur 65,Tamim 31,Shakib 30)
(Ntini 4/32,M.Morkel 4/73,Zondeki 1/32,Steyn 1/80)

South Africa 1st Innings 429 (Prince 162*,Boucher 117,Amla 71,Smith 27)
(Shakib 6/99,Shahadat 2/89,Mashrafee 1/74,Mahbubul 1/85)

Bangladesh 2nd Innings 131 (Raqibul 28,Mashrafee 23*,Ashraful 21,Tamim 20)
(Zondeki 2/10,M.Morkel 2/21,Ntini 2/44,Kallis 1/24)

Result:South Africa won by an innings and 48 runs.


BANGLADESH 1st Innings 250 (Zunaed 67,Mushfiqur 65,Tamim 31,Shakib 30)
(Ntini 4/32,M.Morkel 4/73,Zondeki 1/32,Steyn 1/80)
SOUTH AFRICA 1st Innings 20/1 (Smith 15*,Amla 5*)


1.Zunaed Siddique batted well scoring 67 of 144 delivaries hitting 11 boundaries.His batting was really appreciated by the local crowds and South African players.
2.Mushfiqur Rahim also batted well against the South African pace battery.He hitted 2 sixes in Dale Steyns bowlling and was very agressive in the last stages of the innings.He scored 65 runs in 86 delivaries hitting 9 boundaries and 2 sixes.He should bat up the order in the 5th spot as he is inform batsmen and capable of playing world class bowllers which he has prooved.
3.Tamim Iqbal scored 31 of 67 delivaries hitting 5 boundaries but his innings should be carried through.
4.Shakib-al-hasan scored 30 of 27 delivaries hitting 6 boundaries.But he batted in a one day style which he shouldnt do in the test matches.He should be more watchful and should make big scores.
5.Raqibul Hasan didnt make a big score just 15 of 32 bowls hitting 2 boundaries.But he is regarded as a batsmen who has got a solid technique by the players of South Africa which is really a good sign.


SOUTH AFRICA 1st Innings 357/5 (Prince 115*,Boucher 102*,Amla 71)
(Shakib 3/77,Mahbubul 1/64,Mashrafee 1/67)

Positive Bowlling Approach:

1.Line,length and swing of Mahbubul Alam.He was able to appeal of South African batsmen for lbw decision to the umpire.
2.Shakib was brilliant and picked up 3 wickets of Jaques Kallis,Hashim Amla and AB De Villiers.Shakib bold Kallis,made Amla the catch of Imrul Kayes at short cover and AB De Villiers was stumpted by Mushfiqur Rahim which was Mushfiqurs first stumping in test.
3.Some of lbw decisions of Prince and Boucher wasnt given by the umpires.


South Africa 1st Innings 429 (Prince 162*,Boucher 117,Amla 71,Smith 27)
(Shakib 6/99,Shahadat 2/89,Mashrafee 1/74,Mahbubul 1/85)
Bangladesh 2nd Innings 131 (Raqibul 28,Mashrafee 23*,Ashraful 21,Tamim 20)
(Zondeki 2/10,M.Morkel 2/21,Ntini 2/44,Kallis 1/24)


1.Shakib-al-hasan was really fantastic with his spin.He completed his figure by 28-3-99-6.He picked up Mark Boucher in the 3rd day who scored 117.

Poor Batting:

1.Imrul Kayes again failed in the opening position.He scored 6 and 5 runs in the two innings.
2.Poor running between the wicket caused problem.You cant give the responsible to the wicket being an international player.THERE WERE 3 RUN OUTS IN BAN 2ND INNINGS.They were Ashraful(21),Mehrab(0),Raqibul(28).They r the top order batsmen.They shouldnt do this kind of mistakes or the team will just collapse soon.
3.Shakib again played in ODI style.There was no need to play a way outside delivery.He made an edge by playing and was out.Thats terrible for Shakibs batting prospective!Shakib should concentrate more on his batting as he can be world class batsmen if he gives up his mistakes.


1.Bangladesh should drop Imrul Kayes as he contribute nothing in the South Africa series but only the practise match against a domestic bowlling attack.
2.Mehrab Jnr is also out of form.Except his 83 against New Zealand in the test series back in Bangladesh,he did nothing in the international level.He should be replaced.
3.If possible,Bangladesh should pick ICL players likes of Shahriar Nafees,Alok Kapali,Aftab Ahmed.But I think,its not possible now.
4.Bangladesh should pick Rajin Saleh in the test matches and Nafis Iqbal should be given a chance.

Anyway,best regards to Bangladesh for the 2 match test series against Sri Lanka,tri series(BAN-SL-ZIM) and 3 match ODI series against Zimbabwe at home.
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By passionate detective rds


Somedays ago I heard a cricket commentator saying,

'The more you are orthodox in Cricket,the more you have
the chance to be successful in the world of cricket'.

MODERN DAYS CRICKET SHOTS > Orthodox cricket shots are played more in the international cricket especially after the launch of Twenty-20 cricket.This kinds of shots are played in order to run quickly.REVERSE SWEEP,PADEL SWEEP,SCOOP PADEL,
SCOOP,PADEL,GLANCE are those orthodox shots.There is an another orthodox shot which is played by England batsman and captain Kevin Pietersen.In this shot Pietersen becomes a left handed batsman when the ball is deliverd and tries to play the shot in his leg side(which is accually the off side when he is a right hander).

Englands former wicket-keeper batsmen Paul Nixon is a successful player to hit a six by playing reverse sweep.He gained much popularity in the World Cup 2007 in the Carribean hitting a six by playing reverse sweep.

Zimbabwes former worlds one of the best batsmen,captain,wicket-keeper and now Englands batting coach Andy Flower was a very successful player in playing reverse sweep time to time.

Zimbabwes former batsmen Dougllas Marillier also played this padel sweep quite well.Especially against Australian pacer Glenn McGrath,when Marillier hit two of McGraths low off side full tosses over his head by playing reverse sweep shot for four in the final over in Perth(Zim needed 14,lost by 1 run).Marillier again repeated this shot in a ODI victory against India.

Zimbabwes batsman Tatenda Taibu played reverse sweep against Muraili and Mendis fantasticly.Indeed,he worked very hard in the nets in order to play this shots against them.

Bangladesh captain and batsman Mohammad Ashraful also is good in playing padal,scoop and glance shots.Infact,he used this shots in English conditions very well and especially in the Cardiff win against Australia while chasing 250.

Another Bangladesh batsman Aftab Ahmed also can play padal,scoop and glance shots.Aftab and Ashraful both played this orthodox shots very well in the World Cup 2007 on the Carribean.He also used this shots while playing in the ICL.

We can see orthodox shots played by Pakistans hard hitting batsman Shahid Afridi.He doent follow any cricket grammar,he just plays his natural orthodox shots.

There is another shot which is called 'Carribean Shot' played by the Carribean batsmen.Especially Carribean skipper Christopher Gayle plays this shot brilliantly.Applying this shot,he hits six in the leg side and his right legs position is over the pitch.Very effective shot and Carribean batsmen are very popular with this.

VARIATION IN BOWLLING > When the batsmen are producing new kinds of orthodox shots to run quickly,the bowllers arent legging behind.They are also giving variations in their bowlling.

In the pace bowlling prospective,decent seam and bounce are the old guns which is effective even now.Some bowllers also bowl in swing and out swing delivaries effectively time to time.

Sri Lankan pacer Lasith Malinga has an orthodox action which is difficult for the batsmen to understand where the bowl is going and being confused they get out.

Pakistani pacer Wasim Akram and Waqar Yunus invented reverse swing and was very succeeful in it.Reverse swing means swing in the old bowl.The new pakistani bowllers keeping their old tradition effectively even now.Bowllers who can bowl reverse swing is increasing day by day means its out of Pakistan and spreaded all over the world.It is though that,when Wasim and Waqar played in the English county cricket,they taught this method to the English bowllers.Andrew Flintoff was very successful bowlling reverse swing against Australia in the Asheas 2005 which England won.South Africas Dale Steyn and many modern days pacers can bowl reverse swing now.

In the spin bowlling prospective,spin king Australias Shane Warne can turn bowl very much.In 1992,Shane Warne bold English batsmen Mike Gatting in a delivery which turned unbelievebly.It is called now 'BOWL OF THE CENTURY'.In Asheas 2005,Shane Warne bold English batsmen Andrew Strauss in a delivery which was left by him but turned heavily.

Another spin king Muttiah Murailitharan who is a off spinner produced 'DOOSRA',which is his leg spin delivery.Many batsmen struggle to play his 'DOOSRA'.Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh also can bowl this 'DOOSRA'.The spinners of other countries also trying to learn and bowl 'DOOSRA'.

Pakistans former spinner Saqlain Mushtaq produced the 'TEESRA' recently while playing in the Indian Cricket League(ICL) for Lahore Badshahs.

Ajantha Mendis can bowl 6 different bowls.Amoung them the 'CARAM BOWL' is very popular.The fingure position of Mendis is very different and orthodox.He can bowl both off spin and leg spin.Many batsmen dont understand where the bowl is going to move AND struggle.Indian batsman Virender Sehwag invented the process to understand where the bowl is going to move by seeing his fingure position.Mendis has an bowlling average of 10 to 18 in all forms of cricket which is incredable.In my prospective,Mendis is 'AN EXCEPTIONAL CRICKET TALENT'.


Review:3 reviews for each team in the ODI,Test and Twenty-20 should be applied by the ICC.Sometimes the umpires make mistakes in giving the LBW and catch out decisions.The umpires are human beings and they arent free from making mistakes.So,its better to use review then.It is used properly in the ICL.If it is applied in the international cricket,the umpires will be more responsible in making decisions.If the umpire does mistake in giving no ball or wide,the 3rd umpire should interfeare and clarify it.It will certainly do justice to the cricket.

3rd Powerplay:3rd batting powerplay is applied in the international cricket for the batting side to run quickly in the late overs of the match.But I think,3rd powerplay(batting) isnt doing any good to the batting sides prospective.They play shots but cant beat the fielder and get out in this period.The batting side also dont use this powerplay in the right time.The bowlling side is getting more benefit from it as they are having 6 fielders inside the circle which increases their possibilities of picking up wickets.So,first 15 or 20 overs of powerplay is better to keep.

Supersub:Supersub method was applied in international cricket in 2006 in order to give the all rounders chance to perform as a change player like football.But it was wasted.So,it was stopped quickly.
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1.Tamim Iqbal(Best 129,1 century)
2.Shahriar Nafees(Best 123*,4 centuries)
3.Mohammad Ashraful(Best 109,2 centuries)
4.Alok Kapali(Best 115,1 century)
5.Shakib-al-hasan(Best 134*,2 centuries)
6.Raqibul Hasan(Best 89)
7.Aftab Ahmed(Best 92)
8.Dhiman Ghosh(Best 30)
9.Mashrafee Mortaza(Best 51*)
10.Abdur Razzak(Best 33)
11.Syed Rasel(Best 15)
Shahadat Hussain(12th men)
13.Mahbubul Alam
14.Farhad Reza
15.Naeem Islam

Test Specialist:Rajin Saleh.