Discuss last Five Years of our site.. What you liked what You disliked..
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By TankiBazz

Its Been A long Way.. when we started this site..in August 2006.
We dreamed to make our site would become one of the top music
websites of Bangladesh. It was a sky-scraping hope but
you guys kept supporting us all the way..
And Your Love for Doridro.com has made that possible..
now.. We got Over 2,00,000 Members!
And we have achieved that only because of your love n devotion towards
Us And Ofcourse THe Almighty Allah's Blessing was upon us.

In this remarkable journey there has been a lot of up and down but
Our team members kept it altogether with the immense support of our
beloved members. And that's the reason We are standing here right now.
We can’t thank you enough. And now we continue our journey with
renewed enthusiasm and excitement With All of you Towards a more better future!

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By D 3 V 1 L
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By Doridro Boti
:-? Amar Bday er Agger Din Emon Ekta *** News Asha Korchilam.... Congrez & Love U Doridro... O:)
Congratz Our Beloved Doridro.com on this Great achievement !!
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By Ahmed Denim

hati hati paa kore aj Doridro.com 200k members e chole esechey ! Mashallah !!

need 2 thak some pplz whos contribution, support , time nd help made us see this day !

Rasel vaiia (Admin , owner)
Tankibazz (for ur awsum software work)

all the main mod nd mods : DD bro , sukhi bro , venom , mamun , kabboss , abh & sujan
all the st members : Nischupp , fairy & [email protected]
t sts member , donors !!

u guys made it come true ! hope we will will be united for eva and keep working for the site !
and i must say , some of our team members left us on the between of the journey.. they even deleted all their stores etc etc to create problems for us.. but today is the day , they will envy us !!
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By ShUdDhO2008
DoRiDrO..... RULZ... >:D< Congrats pplz... :D
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By MaiYa
" Doridro.Com .... Congrates.... "
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By ..ShOpNoHiN..

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By icAЯµs
Simply AwEsOmE. Doridro Rulz all the time. Really glad to be a member of doridro. I wish this site to be bigger day by day.

Go DoRiDrO........... =D> =D> =D>
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By Bib0rn0
<:-P congratz doridro.com.......
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By ikshafi
>:D< congrz >:D<
Congratz Our