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Bangladesh's pop guru Azam Khan has been put on a life support system, his family said.

The legendary musician is in Square Hospitals for treatment of oral cancer.

Doctors there are saying nothing but that his brain is functioning, daughter Ema Khan told

They told the family he will be kept under observation for three to four days.

Azam Khan, or Mahbubul Haque Khan, born Feb 28, 1950 the capital's Azimpur, is one of the pioneers of Bangla rock.

The Bangla pop maestro began his band Uchharon in the early 1070s. He fought in the Liberation War of 1971.

Azam Khan returned from Singapore in December last year after treatment for his oral cancer. He was admitted to Square Hospitals on May 22 when his health deteriorated.

He has released 17 solo albums to date. A large number of his songs were also released in mixed albums.

'Ore Saleka, Ore Maleka' is one of his songs that became very popular in the eighties.

I on behalf of the entire members pray for the legend and the fighter of the Liberation War.
he is been declared clinically dead. :(