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Dear Members ,

We are offering V.I.P positions at this moment to people who come to and participate and posts.To become a V.I.P you must be a loyal member and you must achieve these Following requirements.


*ID Should be 6 month old.
*Must Have Over 1000 Posts.
*Being active on the Forums
*Helping those who need help
*Reporting dead links, or inappropriate posts or threads that violate the rules (Use the Report button at the top right of each post)
*Uploading decent and working files
*Standing out from the crowd, post useful or interesting threads
*Being a Team Player, be friendly and generous towards others
*Show respect to fellow members and staff
*Working Hard
*Or You can donate for our site and can directly become a vip member.


*You can browse without ads showing up.
*Your Requests will get top priority.
*You will get a Color Nick.
*VIP Rank which will give you more respect on the site.

Basically Your contribution and sincerity towards is what will earn your VIP Status
for you..Thanks For reading.


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THe Doridro Team
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By Bib0rn0
thanks dd bro.... :)
#562793 have noticed id ashe 2000 post ra ki black hobe na?? :-? :-?

thnx DD vai..
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By Doridro
BlockBuster wrote:blackdeath j 378 post a vip!? bujte pari na?

see his contribution on doridro.. than u will understand !!
নিয়মটা বেশ ভালো কিন্তু আমার ৬ মাস তো দূরের কথা ১ মাস-ও হয়নি...আর বাকী ক্রাইটেরিয়াও পূর্ণ হয়নি। সময় লাগবে।