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By noncast
=DominateD= wrote:1. Doridro - For Song

2. Dark Devil - Hurrrr

3. MeghBalika -

4. RaNa -

5. Nishchupp

“We know that you are talented. This is the time for you to step on to the big stage. We will perform together and make crowds go wild. We are waiting to choose the most talented music performer from Bangladesh to sing with us. Go for it, give it your best.” MLTR

Moment of history will be created. First time ever in the music history of the country, a music performer from Bangladesh will have the opportunity to perform with one of the world’s leading music bands.
Calling all music talents to join in the “Sing with MLTR” contest, to be the one to walk to the paths of international music glory. You and Michael Learns to Rock will rock the stage together here in Dhaka. Unleash your music talent!

To participate please login to :
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