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Itish Pitish [Ekjon Genious admin er gunaboli carry kore]
Freaky [Not only the Main Moderator, he is also the Don of hindi movie, drama & bangla movie sec]
..ShOpNoHiN.. [Yeah, Eng movie sec a Furious form a ase]
Rubel........ [Forum er shokol ST der moddho theke Different and yap work a onno ST der theke ek dhap agia]
Killer Shadow [Hmm...join date theke e post korar jonno Try kore jacche..]
Out of touch onekdin. Ja hoy r ki ..... dampotto jiboner TAX!!! all is well :idea:

Still wishing to vote for the prestigeous, adorable & loving khetab "Member of the Month".
I remember about the days this great topic was introduced (by our beloved Hoimonti) i used to be in 7th heaven those days. Madly addicted to the habit forming drug "DORIDRO.COM". almost like Omnipresent :)) . It amuses always.... when ever lamented.

I cast my vote for MOM for the month of September as under;

1) Nishchup: My beloved naughty young friend/ bro (thanks).

2) abh_sh722: Silent consistent quality contributor.

3) -== AvijatriK ==-: Huge Nurturer

4) Freaky: Huge Nurturer

5) DDoS : A moderator of with zero post. (its so interresting, never seen anything like this...... honestly). Quite amazing to notice, must be a Jem somehow/ Someway. So, my last but not the least vote is for u mate, .....congratulations!

thats it..... hope not to spread anything that tastes Bitter. Stay in love.
:arrow: ..ShOpNoHiN..
:arrow: ¦ ĬȻΔǡƦŨŞ ¦
:arrow: King_Max
:arrow: abh_sh722
:arrow: .:NayeeM.DoridrO:.

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