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Name: Jamie Xu (Ms)
Email Address:


Date: Wednesday 29-Jul-15 09:00:20 GMT
Reason: Complains
Subject: Notice of the Copyright Infringement - Fiber Optic Sensors Bas

Has entered the following message into the contact form:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> We refer to your website, Fiber Optic Sensors Based on Plasmonics and
> Fiber Optic Sensors Based on Plasmonics
> " (the “Book”).
> It has come to our attention that the Book is currently listed and
> available for download on your Website. The url links are as follows:
Fiber Optic Sensors Based on Plasmonics
> World Scientific Publishing owns the exclusive copyrights to the Book.
> We demand for the immediate removal of the E-Book from the said
> website and to take such other steps as may be appropriate to protect
> our rights under the copyright.
> If this is just a link to the other website hosting the content,
> please let us know which website is hosting this content as this
> information is not provided without first registering as a member.
> It is a violation to distribute copyrighted material without prior
> permission from its owner. Such violation is actionable under
> copyright laws.
> We assert that you remove the E-Book from your Website immediately and
> curtail any further downloading, uploading or distribution activities
> of the E-Book.
> Further, please provide us with a list of details of every download of
> the E-Book from your website. We are accumulating this information in
> an attempt to determine the total number of times the E-Book was
> downloaded via non-authorized third party websites.
> We are providing this notice in good faith and with the reasonable
> belief that the rights owned by World Scientific Publishing has been
> infringed. We certify that the information contained in the
> notification is both true and accurate, and we have the authority to
> act on behalf of the owner of the copyright involved.
> Your prompt attention is appreciated.
> Sincerely,
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