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By quyyum95
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Date: Wednesday 06-May-15 14:07:25 GMT
Reason: Others
Subject: Please delete my account.

Has entered the following message into the contact form:
I request you to please delete my account as I had another which I wasn't able to into. But now I have been able to remember my username and can use that account. So please delete this account.
Thank You.
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By kp25
Dear admin(s),
Please activate both of my accounts
1.User name- dp86420
[email protected]
I can not remember its password also. When I reset password in this site, I never get the password assistance mail in my mail id , I have checked spam folder also.Please help me out of this situation.

2.User name-kp25
[email protected]

Please delete or deactivate both of my accounts which ever is possible. I am waiting for your step toward my request.
Thanking you,
Have a great time .
By AdamDilvopay
i am new to the site and made a typo when i made my account. i am just wondering how i can change or delete the other account so i can receive my emails to my proper email address... if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated please and thank you.