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Listen Very Very Carefully!

Oh Son Of Adam:
I Remembered You Again Today....
Did U Remember Me?? Listen!!!

I Am Full Of Darkness So Bring With You The Light Of Salaat.

I Am A Place Of Fear So Bring With You The Peace Of Tilawat-E-Quran .

I Am Full Of Snakes And Scorpions So Bring With You The Sunnah Of Our Beloved Prophet (S.A.W)..

I Am Full Of Fire So Bring WithYou The Tears Fallen From ALLAH's Fear.

I Am Full Of Punishment So Bring With You The Reward Of Charity/ Sadaqah.

Don't Forget Me As I Am Eagerly Waiting For Your Arrival ...!

Forgive our sins
Save us from the punishmentin the grave and from hell fire.
Guide us and keep us on the right path..

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