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Its not a joke.Its happend in Holy Place of Makkah before some days ago.It is my request to my brother and sister dont think its a funny.Its a sign of Al mighty Allah!subhan Allah.
one Jinn came to mosque and he reciting Al Quran.This Video taken by mobile cammera.


Link Is here:-
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By Nutshell
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By ..::AbSaR::..
In Mosjid i think any body can not do jokes with islam.Samiaa open ur eye please ;)
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By ..::AbSaR::..
Please brothers & Sisters I need ur important comments about this video.Please write some thing.
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By Peacehunter
:?: :?: :?: Eta je real jeen tar ki kono proman acha??????? :?: :?: :?: :?:
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By aadhar_manush
I cant say anything, its really amazing, is it a jeen??? Sotti ki bolbo janina
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By ..::AbSaR::..
Tuhin2008 wrote::?: :?: :?: Eta je real jeen tar ki kono proman acha??????? :?: :?: :?: :?:

Tuhin ami ar kono proman dite parbona.kintu je amake ai video ta diyese se sopoth kore bolese ata ak bindu o mirtha na.akhon biswash kora na kora jar jar ruchir bepar.ami kintu biswash koresi :D
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By Don
quran niye to joke chole na.....shotti dhore nilam
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By Arif_Reza89
Ami kahinita bishshash koresi.Jin quran tilawat korese ata faith koresi.Kintu videota bishshash korte partesina.Abar true hoteo pare.

Jin ase ata amra shobai faith kori.R bod jinder amra vut hishebe jani atao karo ojana ase bole mone hoyna.BCOZ,I know what they can do,what they have done by hearing many true incidents abt JINS.Bod jin thakle valo jin thabe atao true r tara mosque a namaj pore manusher rup niye.Quran tilawat korata impossible kisuna.

So lets appreciate the post.
dekhun, ei dhoroner Quran recitation ami onek shunechi. Saudi Arab e radio ba tv on korlei thik ei konther recitation shunte paoa jay. shonar pore amar mone holo audio ta implant kora hoyeche. etar ambiance kheyal korle apnio bujhben. ebong Makkah te ei dhoroner ghotona ghoteche emon kono kotha ami Makkah bashi der kach theke shuni nai (i work in ksa). saudi teo young age er polapaner onek dhoroner vondami ase. etao shei rokom haoar shomvabona ase. ekta kotha mone rakhben the Holy Place of Makkah ba Qabah shudhumatro manushder jonno. Jin der jonno uporer asmane onno masjid ase. aro valo hobe jodi islam shomporke valo jane emon karo kase jete paren.

ar youtube e ei dhoroner aro onek video ase. shob kisu ondho vabe bishwash kkoratao kintu islam na.

i am giving another youtube link:
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watch it.......believe it or not. it's up to you. :twisted:
allah valo janen.