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allahumma salley ala saieadina muhammadio oa ala imam mehedi rahmatallil alamin oa alihi oa sallim
pls make it clear is it correct in arabic or not.. by any hafez..or arabic known ppl

read this..when ur mind is not giving u support..when u can't concentrate in ur work or studies..
keep reading this dorud e sharif ..inshallah u'l get the benifit..
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By TankiBazz
Thx Bro 4 sharing... asolei amr kaje asbo ami abr poray mon bosate pari na...... :(
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By Nedaa
Thanx Rulez bhaiya...amar jonno akdhom thik oshudhta disen >:D< poray ak fota mon boshena :(