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By Kanan


"Allah" in Arabic visible in the clouds over Kashmir, South Asia!
Showkat Nanda, a young photo journalist, captured on Wednesday,January 23, a rare pattern made by clouds in the sky of North Kashmir's Baramulla town forming the Arabic spelling of the word Allah.
"When I glanced towards the sky, it was something unique to capture, as I saw an indiscernible pattern of clouds forming word ALLAH," Nanda told "I was really surprised. I observed it for a while and continued to click with my camera."

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By ~shanto
Really it's amazing !! Subhanallah
By T-ViruS
Subhanallah. Sobaike iman dankoro amin

And God saw that it was good.
And God blessed them, saying "Be fruitful and multiply".
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By ``dhongi``


kanan apu, oneeeek dhonnobad share korar jonne!
By annaki21
SUBAHAN ALLAH. thanx apu. apnake kevabe srodda janai tar vasha amar jana nai. ALLAH apnar mongol korun.
God is great & ur posts are very exceptional:|
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