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By radiant_darkness
i dont mean to offend any religion, but i'd like to pose a very logical question to all those who believe in logic:

if there is no God, how had the world come about? Big Bang? and then what? bacteria evolved? and then what? bacteria reproduce to give birth to MONKEYS? (mighty creatures must be, to be that tiny and create animals 1000 times their size with brains equally developed!) then what? Darwin instigated the monkeys to involve into human beings??

if there is a God, then y do u choose to worship Son of God? how is that logical? whats the point?

if u believe in anything/anyone but God that u can see, then how is the Creator immortal? how is He superior if he's inanimate??

if anyone has any bright ideas to these perplexing questions, i suggest u give it a shot and post a reply here.

if i have offended someone or i deserve to be banned, i expect a first warning.

thank you for ur co-operation.
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By uglyugly
listen bro , i am a muslim , and i dont think its the proper way, u r goin thru .

what u said is offending, but again these are not such questions that cant be answered!
u dont think u r the only intellectual left in this world, do u ?

all religions, and their religious gurus hv their own explanation which is not only logical
bt also ,fair enough for them .i said ..........for them .so its really foolish ,shouting from
the corner of the room, and try to prove ur point. go library, go to learned ppl ,to know
and learn about ur quetions. and most importantly ppl blv first and then rationalize.
there are also ppl like u in other religion, who think like u and say same types of things
about ur religion, hw do u feel about that !

u dont like darwin, ok. why do u like thomas alva edison ? u dont , oh then u shud nt
use tubelights, and bulbs and electricity. u dont like graham bell then too. in that
case u shud nt use phones. are u getting me ? dsnt it look like hypocracy, when u blv science
when u are directly benifited and deny science when u r nt ?

i am nt here to prove nething, i just want to tell u may be its time, that u try to realise
things in a different way, in a more humane way.
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By radiant_darkness
Assalamualaikum, brother.. i would like to apologize if i'd offended u anyhow with that post of mine.. i was merely attempting to sort out the logic of ppl following other religions..

let me help u understand what i was trying to do..when u have several options in life n each seem equally sensible n probable, u eliminate all other alternatives to reach ur final selection.. ryt? the same can b applied to almost all choices of life..

about reading.. i kno a whole lot more than u think i kno.. but my approach is different.. i'm not an arabic-speaking person, thus i've read the Holy Quran several times with translation n different transliterations.. i'm not an extremist.. plainly a believer.. i hv my mistakes as well, but my approach is not entirely inaccurate..

lastly, i apologize for my delayed response.. and hope u r still arnd to post a reply soon.. n incase i forgot to mention, i m entirely female.. nothin brotherly about me..

have a good day.. :) Fi Amanillah..