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Bismillah & Salaam. This world really driveS you CRAZY at times doesnt it?? With SO much going on, SO much negativity around, we really are living in the ULTIMATE test! For those who are striving to be good realize just how difficult of a test it really is because they are the ones who are actually striving hard & BATTLING against all this negativity, having their patience tested to the LIMITS! Unfortunately, the majority of the world is either non-muslims or non practicing muslims so its sad to say, but they are like the Shaitans puppets. Shaitan is using them, and unfortunately the people dont realize, and moving them around in whatever directions he pleases- using these same people to criticise, harass, disturb, make fun of & annoy those who are trying to be good. Then on top of this all, we have school & work issues, financial issues, family & relationship issues, dealing with people in society issues, government issues, politic, issues- Were living in one big circus arent we?lol So how can this world NOT drive you crazy? Battling against allllll this haraam around us, when 99% of the world is influenced by EVIL, how can this not be the most absolute, extreme, & ultimate challenge to stay GOOD in? The goal of Shaitan is to break you down, ESPECIALLY if you are striving to be good! He is waiting for you around every corner, every alley, every little slip u make, he is going to try to sneak up and take advantage! When Ramadan ends, the peoples faith is SO strong and high, but after it ends, he starts to slowly chop down at you like a tree! He will chop day and night and he just wont stop.

Here is the great news: there is a God who understands all this very well. He understands that it is a very difficult test and He has designed it that way for a reason- because the reward is completely unimaginable. Our brain cant even comprehend the magnificent reward that is awaiting for those who stay strong! Allah SWT understands your hardships and you WILL go through MANY! You want to have a life FOREVERRR of ease and relaxation in Paradise?? You have to earn it! You have to push yourself even harder and know that you have Allahs Support! He is putting us through these difficulties, testing you to the extreme limits!- but know that there is ONLY ONE who can make that and every single pain you have, just disappear in the blink of an eye. Its that simple for Him. Allah SWT is really there, and if you stay patient & strong, He will surely send peace & tranquility to your heart- no matter how difficult of a situation you may think it is! Your heart can sometimes fill up with fear and anxiety, but you will feel as if air just released from your heart like a balloon, and you will feel a very peaceful. We all need this reminder, including myself- that Allah SWT has PROMISED- "With every difficulty, there is relief- Surely, with every difficulty, there is relief." Quran 94:05-06 Stay strong and patient my brothers & sisters in Islam, and help those around you also stay strong and positive. We all need each others support, we move as we team, one unit, and we will get to our destination together