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As humans we make mistakes because we are weak,and that's the way we have all been created by our Creator Allah.The good news is even with our weaknesses and mistakes Allah swt has still shown us the way how to apologize to Him when we err or have sinned SubhanAllah!

Allah taught Prophet Adam (AS) how to ask for forgiveness and how to say sorry. We cannot afford to lose out on this opportunity to learn how to apologize to our Lord for our sins.Maybe our friends or close ones may not forgive us for the wrong we have done to them but Allah swt will always forgive us our mistakes even if (the sins are as huge as the Mountains!)but we have to make sure we apologize sincerely to Him and to His is the final return.

Here is a video in which Br.Wisam Sharieff beautifully explains the meaning of this dua (prayer) from Surah Al-’A`raf: