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By TukTuki
Notice the Bending tree: as a praying person in "Ruku"(first video)
Notice the Rock in the Ocean: as a praying person in "Sijdah"(second video)
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By -R-A-N-A-
sottti allah er ki kudrat ...:)
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By TukTuki
yes i know.....May Allah (SWT) bless us all!! ......
By mrzero
thnx good vdo. Mash-Allah
By kabir2005
Thanks Brother .... Allah is the's proven by all of this vedio.... >:D< >:D< >:D<
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By Mz.Cuteness
By oshamajik
I had some piuctures of these and others. I don't know the source. Where do you find them?
By anushka
ai linkgulo amar hi5 eo achheee..onek sundor
By anushka
osamajik u can find all these and many more in youtube..just type 'miracles of islam' in the search bar..thnx