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By Dr.Hossain
..::ČāяέŁέŝŠ::.. wrote:i 'm not agree with it....eita amader motoi kichu faltu mostishker manusher kaaj....jara dhormo niye juddho kore...

may be u r right :!: :?:
``ÐHØÑGî`` wrote:i've seen it before too and ignored i'll have to agree with careless on this

there r lot n lots n lots of things like this one , i thnk all r fake nd all r done by so called muslims :!: .
Islam is the religion of peace.
..::ČāяέŁέŝŠ::.. wrote:Yah...exactly, there r lotz of thingz....kinto apni jodi bolen "all r done by muslims"....there i've to object....Muslim-der ke heyo-protiponno korar jonno ei prithibi-te manusher ovhab!!!

exactly !!