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Inside Mecca - The Discovery Channel

PostPosted:11 Aug 2007, 10:19
by Kanan

PostPosted:25 Jan 2008, 05:49
by Oshadharon
Amar mone hoy video ta r nai. Ektu ki check kore dekhben

PostPosted:25 Jan 2008, 06:14
by Kanan
The video is working fine. :)

PostPosted:25 Jan 2008, 14:22
by Oshadharon
ShAhNaZ KaNaN wrote:The video is working fine. :)

Ki kon :-/ Taile amare ei msg dey ken? :-O

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

Abar dehen to ektu kostto koira

PostPosted:25 Jan 2008, 15:10
by Kanan
New Link Diechi ...Asha kori Ekhon Kaj korbe.

PostPosted:25 Jan 2008, 18:36
by Oshadharon
Alhamdulillah. It's a amazing video clips. After long time I feel what Islam & Muslim People can able to do if they really want. From onwards I'll try my level best to perform the 5 times Salah [Namaj] everyday.

May Allah bless you Kanan. You did a splendid job by provding the new link. Hope you'll continuing your such efforts in this section..................

PostPosted:25 Jan 2008, 22:03
by Kanan
May Allah Bless u Too.

Thanks :) .

PostPosted:26 Jan 2008, 12:22
by MysteryLife
Thnxxx apu.......... Asholeu video ta dekhe onno rokom feel korlam. Thnxx again.

PostPosted:26 Jan 2008, 12:25
by Mz.Cuteness
WOW..itz very nicee..
thankz for postin boy...

PostPosted:26 Jan 2008, 12:56
by Kanan
U all R welcome. :)

PostPosted:06 Feb 2008, 09:20
by mSz_pRiipRii
i enjoyed this documentary ... but i wonder if the lady was being interviewed without the scarf before her trip to do hajj ...

PostPosted:14 Feb 2008, 10:49
by rubence
nice post

PostPosted:18 Feb 2008, 18:47
by ronyr

PostPosted:29 Mar 2008, 11:02
by oshamajik
Thanks. Man.

PostPosted:19 Aug 2008, 12:08
by ..::AbSaR::..
Nice post Kanan Sister.I feel proud that i live in Holy Makkah

For ur Kind information Mecca is old spelling new spell is Makkah.dekhen to koto mil ase Dhaka ar sathe.Age Dhaka silo Decca.

Re: Inside Mecca - The Discovery Channel

PostPosted:29 Jul 2013, 13:10
by slasher2496
শেয়ার করার জন্য ধন্যবাদ। >:D<