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By Kanan
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By Oshadharon
Amar mone hoy video ta r nai. Ektu ki check kore dekhben
By Kanan
The video is working fine. :)
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By Oshadharon
ShAhNaZ KaNaN wrote:The video is working fine. :)

Ki kon :-/ Taile amare ei msg dey ken? :-O

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

Abar dehen to ektu kostto koira
By Kanan
New Link Diechi ...Asha kori Ekhon Kaj korbe.
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By Oshadharon
Alhamdulillah. It's a amazing video clips. After long time I feel what Islam & Muslim People can able to do if they really want. From onwards I'll try my level best to perform the 5 times Salah [Namaj] everyday.

May Allah bless you Kanan. You did a splendid job by provding the new link. Hope you'll continuing your such efforts in this section..................
By Kanan
May Allah Bless u Too.

Thanks :) .
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By MysteryLife
Thnxxx apu.......... Asholeu video ta dekhe onno rokom feel korlam. Thnxx again.
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By Mz.Cuteness
WOW..itz very nicee..
thankz for postin boy...
By Kanan
U all R welcome. :)
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By mSz_pRiipRii
i enjoyed this documentary ... but i wonder if the lady was being interviewed without the scarf before her trip to do hajj ...
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By ..::AbSaR::..
Nice post Kanan Sister.I feel proud that i live in Holy Makkah

For ur Kind information Mecca is old spelling new spell is Makkah.dekhen to koto mil ase Dhaka ar sathe.Age Dhaka silo Decca.
Or paradigm or whatever.

i was arguing this with a Mormon, and I noted that Islam is more similar to Christianity than Mormonism and his head exploded, but I thought everybody knew that, that's why they're called the Abrahamic Faiths.

Was he right or am I?
Our Founding Fathers were, in your words "right wingers." They were libertarians. Nor are you a "centrist" any more than AOC is.

Pretending that chicks dig fat men is pretty funny, but do you really want people laughing at you that way?