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By nazma nazu
Hazrat Mohammad (Pbuh) is the 3rd husband of Bibi Khadija and Bibi Khadija is the first wife of Hazrat Mohammad (Pbuh).By establishing this universal truth almighty Allah invalid the so called human society created conception about widow ( with child or without child). So those who are widow as a muslima should be proud by thinking that they are holding the prestigious status of Bibi Khadija.

By sharing this i don't want to influence unmarried person to marry a widow but want to influence others to preach this universal truth to their family, friends and relatives ( specially to those who are widow). The objective is to give them confidence and help them to get rid of their sorrows so that they can be able to lead a happy life. In that life there may be a life partner with them or may not be but life will e fine and enjoyable. If she is honest, i believe.

N:B: The acceptability of above statement depends on levels of beliefs.