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Have you ever thought that you could really see inside of Kaaba someday? I know you didn’t. But this time you could see. Nd please feel yourself lucky.


The Kaaba is opened twice a year for the ceremony of “The Cleaning of The Kaaba." This ceremony takes place roughly fifteen days before the start of the month of Ramadan and the same period of time before the start of the annual pilgrimage.

The keys to the Kaaba are held by the “Bani Shaybat” tribe. Members of the tribe greet visitors to the inside of the Kaaba on the occasion of the cleaning ceremony. A small number of dignitaries and foreign diplomats are invited to participate in the ceremony. The governor of Mecca leads the honored guests who ritually clean the structure, using simple brooms.

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Well upon this issue, I do not think there will be anyone who disagree with what you said in the above. I do gain a lot from what you say.