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By sepal
Dil.Hai.Ki.Manta.Nahin.1991 er link gulo kaj korcha, Kintu shob part nai. part 3 khuja pai ni. kisu repeat asse. shob part gulor link dila khushi hobo
By kishor1984
plz sent the the link of the movie hijack
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By JoKèR
kishor1984 wrote:plz sent the the link of the movie hijack

Bro ata req zone na R Hijack ar link to agee deya ashe.
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By darkimon
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upore link a j oye lucky lucky oye muvi ta deya ota ending nai to !!!!

PLZZZ chk it and fix it

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By ayon403502
oyee lucky oye movie er last part nai :( :(

khub koste asi last tuku na dekhle movie dekhar anondo tai mati so plz upload last part... :(

thanks :)
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Chamku | 2008 | 1CD | *PreDVDRip* | XviD |Multi Subs ki link dise ??
1 ta te o d.load hoy na.ok thik korte bolsi tau kono reply nai
the link of "Slumdog Millionare" which is uploaded by Evergreen is not working.he has given many link but i cudnt find the movie in none of them.the same movie which is uploaded by tanvir is a rar file which i cant play in my computer i even tried extracting the rar file wid winzip but is not being extracted so i dont know exactly wat to do so i request u to upload the movie wid a media fire link so that i can download the movie wid out any problem.

Even the link of movie Delhi6 is not working.i hav downloaded part 1 & 2 of the movie but now wen i try to download the other parts of the movie a error is being flashed "connections has been closed by server".so plz find out wats exatly tha problem is & plz give the sollution in which way i can gewt this movie. by-Nafid
khalid4061 wrote:I am a Grammen phone internet user.But i am not able to download by using rapidshare link.What can i do now?

Ai khane shudhu post korte hobe Deadlink gulo.
Rapidshare theke dl korte hole barbar net dc, abar connectkorun jttokhhon porjonto dl korte na dey.
I want to DL X- men Series and start DL all part DL but only 1st part of movie run and the other part not run your uploaded file not supported please upload all support file please......please.................please.........
siddarth the prisoner ei movie er link kaj korena.plz fix it up.join korar poro 195mvb thake.26min er por r cholena.plz help me.
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Daddy cool mvi join korar por chole na.3 jon post dise but j upload korse tar kono matha betha e nai.u just 2 ta part namiye join koro thn bujba.ami to 4 ta part namiye pura dhora khaisi
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