Image Always Add Movie Release year in Topic name. Ex. "Transformer 3 (2011) DVDrip"
Image Add Movie Rip Type in Topic title. Ex. "Transformer 3 (2011) DVDrip"
Image If possible add Movie size in Topic Title. Ex. "Transformer 3 (2011) DVDrip 700MB".
Image Do not use fake tag or information in Topic. or you will be banned without further notice.

Image Provide Proper information about release & file.
Image Must contain movie-plot, cast, file-informations. Incomplete information will get your topic deleted.
Image Provide Screenshot in your post.
Image Do not use fake screenshot. We wont tolerate it. it will cause "Ban Hammer" (all posts deleted) on your ID.
Image Do not use other sites link in password or post info in Main section.

Image Topic must contain allowed filehosts download links.
Image Topic without pause-supported-download-link will be deleted.
Image Do not use "[code]" BBcode in your download link if you don't want your download link gets indexed in google.
Image Do not try to copy paste other users download link just to post in main section.
Image You can put your name in filename. but other site links or name are not allowed in title or inside the video.
Image No link shorter is allowed. Not even goo.gl.

Image Say Thanks to uploader if you like his/her post to incourage them.
Image Do not reply with smiley. Ex " [-( L-) <:-P :-SS ", Its a kind of "spam" you may get post-banned.
Image Do not reply with offensive word to uploader. if you find any mistake ask politely & report that topic.
Image Do not reply in too old topic in a row. or you will be warned, also may get post-banned.
Image Do not reply in a row. or you will be warned, also may get post-banned.
Image Do not request movies/other-version-releases in the comments. or you will be warned, also may get post-banned.

Image Mediafire.com
Image ifile.it
Image Putlocker/Firedrive
Image Davvas
Image Arabloads
Image Shareblue
Image Uploadboy
Image Any other filehosts which supports resume & free-downloading.

Image Doridro Team Holds all rights of their action. No further question can be asked.
Image Breaking any rules stated avobe will lead you to delete/warning/ban.
Image As we are very few staff to control the whole site. So support moderators in their work. Report fake posts, dead links & unwanted posts.
Image Contact Section Moderators If you have any confusion or need support.

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