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Movie: Ranjana Ami Ar Asbo Na
Director: Anjan Dutt
Produced by: R Sarkar
Music By: Neel Dutt.
Cast : Anjan Dutt, Parno Mittra, Amyt Datta, Lew Hilt, Nondon Bagchi, Kanchan Mullick, Ushasie Chakraborty, Abir Chatterjee, Deborshi Barat, Kausik Ghosh, Suman Dey, Kabir Suman, Mamata Shankar
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01. Raasta by Anjan Dutt
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02. Andhakarer Pare by Somlata
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03. Ranjana by Anjan Dutt
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04. Gaanola by Kabir Suman
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05. Ekla Anek Door by Somlata
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06. Brishti by Anjan Dutt & Somlata
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07. Chalo Jai by Somlata
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08. Sabai by Anjan Dutt
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09. Jagorane Jay Bibhabori by Kabir Suman, Anjan Dutt & Somlata
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10. Tumi Asbey Bole by Somlata
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