=D> Thanks a lot for this post.
যদিও file size একটু ছোট আর HJ-Split করলে Great হতো।
আমি দরিদ্র থেকে zip download করলেই Broken পাচ্ছি।
দেখি এটা কি হয়।
Thanks anyway.
Xbox Live Points Features
  • Enhance your Xbox 360 experience with the array of downloadable content available via Xbox Live marketplace using our Xbox live points.
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  • Outfit your avatar in special fashions and props.
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Why Buy an Xbox Live Gold Subscription or Microsoft Points Online?Many may consider why you would want to buy your Xbox Live Subscription or your Microsoft Points card online. Microsoft offers them for purchase over Xbox Live, and you can also buy them at any local game store or superstore. There are a few reasons listed below to avoid purchasing points or subscriptions this way.

  • If you buy your Xbox Live Gold Subscription over Xbox 360 Live you will be auto billed to your credit card each time your subscription runs out. This takes a long annoying phone call to cancel.
  • Buying MS Points cards at a local store will cost you more for the following reasons; You have to pay for the gas to make the trip, you waste your time driving and waiting in line, and you also have to pay taxes on any store purchases.
  • Some Debit or Credit cards may not be accepted by Xbox Live.
  • Some APO (Army Post Office) FPO (Fleet Post Office) addresses can not be used as a credit card billing address over Xbox Live. This leaves most credit or debit cards with APO or FPO billing address's unable to purchase Xbox Live Gold or Microsoft points over Xbox Live.