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Arfin Rumy's music has killed this album. The singer's voice has lost for the high noise of instruments. Singer's voice should be loud and the music level should be minimum. Also for folk songs, please use Dutara, dhool and all other rural instruments. My advice for Kazi Shuvo - your voice is sweet and powerful. Next time for folk album - please stay away from Ridhoy Khan, Arfin Rumy or even Habib Wahid. Trust me brother. Kazi Shuvo - please listen your previous folk song - " ami ei minoti kori re............" How much powerful that singing was. But even though - I was waiting for this album. It is not that bad. But our expectation from Kazi Shuvo is very high. Good luck and Eid Mubarok. Thanks Doridro for brining it in this forum. But still I prefer to buy the original CD.