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Album: Electro Beta 13
Artist: DJ Parag Biswas & DJ Rid Hridoy
Formate: Mp3
Original Tracks: 6
Bitrate: 320Kbps

01.Love Me (Exclusive Remix) DJ Parag Biswas &
DJ Rid Hridoy
02.Dhat Teri Ki (Remix) DJ Parag Biswas & DJ Rid
03. Daddy (Tapori Mix) DJ RID Hridoy & DJ Parag
04.Darling (Edm Blast) DJ Parag Biswas & DJ Rid
05.Payer ki Ma (Exclusive Remix) DJ Parag Biswas
& DJ RID Hridoy
06.Romjaner Oi Rojar Sheshe (Extended Version)
DJ RID Hridoy & DJ Parag Biswas

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