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By Freaky
kamrul1234 wrote:Frnds pls upload koro airtel presents valobasi tai.....pls........

raihanworld wrote:bhai plz joldi Bhlobashi Tai upload korun

rupalirat wrote:<:-P <:-P pohela boishak er natok post koren bhai taratari 4 din par hoia gelo kono kobor nai <:-P <:-P

shohagnahar wrote:bro can u upload valobashi tai telefilm.pls bro


sshamim wrote:Natok-ভালবাসি তাই

devil_akash wrote:Vai plzz pohela boishakh r Airtel r telefilm "BHALOBASHI TAI" r hd upload koren plz vai plzz..... :( :( :(

devil_akash wrote:Plz bro Pohela Boishakh r AIrtel r Natok 'BHALOBASHI TAI' telefilm r hd print upload koren plz vai plz...

MOUSHUM 69 wrote:plz plz plz valobashi tai natok ta upload koren.....

devil_akash wrote:vai plz upload airtel r Bhalobashi Tai telefilm....plz plz

Done :arrow:
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By Freaky
racktim wrote:H i frndz .Airtel presents valobashi tai upload koraci.

mhkabir82 wrote:Please Natok Valobashi Tai upload korben.

already posted..... Click here :arrow:
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By eaiman
please upload eid natok "potro mitali". cast->> ATM Samsuzzaman, Chanchal Chowdhury, brindaban das, tanjika, shamim zaman...etc. Directed by-> Salauddin lavlu. It realized on TV -> Thursday, 28 january 2010 at 21:00 in ATN Bangla channel. plz upload anyone. plz
By hagu12
i want to get one natok which is showed by channel 1 but unfortunately i have forgetten the name of the natok . the actor and actress of this natok are arafin shuvo , moushumi bishas and hasan masud . in this popular natok , one popular song has been used which is sung by hridoy khan ( jani akdin ami chola jabo-------)
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By asheknoor
bangla telefilm shopno and ariana both of telefilm starring by shomi kaise and directed by ringo can you plz upload it for us!!plzzzzzzzz onekdin dhore khuzsi plz.bro do it for us!!!
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