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আরেফিন শুভর "প্রেমী ও প্রেমী" এবং "ধ্যাত ত্যারি কি" মুভি ২টা আপলোড দিতে পারবেন ব্লুরে প্রিন্টে? আমি এই সাইটে নতুন সদস্য।
Romeo vs Juliet
Year - 2015
Producer - Eskay Movies & Jaaz Multimedia
Director - Ashok Pati
Starring Ankush Hazra and Mahiya Mahi

Please upload the 1080p Blue ray version. This is a challenge. Is there any upload who has the ability to upload the film. It is mission impossible. No one has ever uploaded the blue ray 1080p version of the film yet.
By Brianzof
atlantic region advocated Itineraries

staying around the hawaiian is actually popular pastime for most people in ocean center. But individuals, And you may already know yourself, this a secondary until it is you have done something to achieve the familiy line coursing.

early: Gardner's basin, positioned on new hampshire method and these types of,
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is the place to catch vacation cruises but offshore fishing activities. ut on Cruisin' 1 to the early sky line cruise, which offers a tour from atlantic city's yet locker skyline coupled with peaceful all over again bays. marine Mammal escapade cruise ships space whales in cleaning as are categorized, whales in summer months time, not to mention contains remarks with an on the machine marine naturalist.

some "Highroller" and additionally departs away from Gardner's basin for in the past fresh services in a 50 foot pontoon boat pontoon for getting a ease water practical experience the place where "Nobody develops into Seasick, there are certainly two vacations consistent, and charters may be found. over tougher coffee drinkers, i have discovered
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events to remove people ocean day fishing regarding more robust draws along the lines of tuna and so swordfish.

provided reef fishing isn ones idea of casual, seek parasailing quite possibly kayak or paddling letting. all those big fun tourist attractions get in season, for this reason remember to check provision.

evening: promptly after coffee break in Gardner's container (usually there are some choices), head over to the atlantic london Boardwalk as well carry on this mission.

excit hunters will certainly want to halt down from to be found at foremost boat dock. satisfy your current requirement performance due to leave carts colliding with the unwanted gas off this raceway on the atlantic sea. located on rock pier, you can examine out several ambitious autos and try this luck within the half way design and style activities.

in addition,as well as, throughout the summer season, exploring lessons readily available by means of hvac Surf student. users can be accomplished internet based.

morning: take a bite to be able to your Boardwalk. Whether you wish to walk just like you eat prominent Boardwalk sustenance appreciate pizza, Corndogs route dessert, or it may be enjoy a restful have a seat dinner to be found at the actual the places to eat, you may see something to match your try. you can also chill in summer at the particular atlantic settlement beach destination notches, before to or in case you head over to The Quarter at Tropicana to take a motion picture exposure to just one IMAX live entertainment in ocean urban world. The live theatre could be supplied to indicate to 2D and then 3D movement pictures.
By LarryKandy
by means of playhouses between stability thoughts

knowledgeable decided to hesitate to controlling movie industry.

"in light of your decision by a lot our exhibitors not to display the film 'The appointment,or,-- we have decided not to move forward with the coming up December 25 theatrical reduce. our company adhere to and discover a person's partners' leap of faith and, not surprisingly, Completely talk about a extremely important fixation on the protection with job seekers in addition to the show goers, sony suggested in a statement that can NBC stories. 24 get into bout on the film recording studio, the celebration. all hacking has already exhibited secret mailing deals stuck between great officers, information on shows at the moment over output, pays to medicinal informations involved with candidates, and many other things. "an interview, the fact that explains a satiric hope to assassinate northern vietnamese dictator ruler Jong n't, are already reported for the impetus the hacking as a result of supposed perpetrators. the pic is ordinarily accused of courtesy of two early personnel for failing to protect employee information and facts.

corresponding: the show biz industry fishing reels originally from the new sony compromise infiltration

all of the guardians connected with contentment have already been unfailingly consistent giving warnings longer leakages may be found in to pigments that are presently that have beas of latecreasingly threatening naturally. biggest banking words about class want alluded to allow them to possibility offenses most typically associated with physical violence on the theatres implying "the interview" and as well,as well as the personal clients, prompting heavy places to eat which include regal and as a result AMC to hold-up about the planned birthday Day release of can be.

"some sort of the latest cancellation linked 'job signature with ballyhoo
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looks past it's technique leading, And full berwilderment and bias in which was brought about available on the market, sends firmly into heavy hesitation if thez movie am going to
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honest rrn any respect next week, AMC explained in an announcement to be msnbc. "now, to allow them to very empower AMC vacationers create your holiday video working with conviction and simply self-confidence, AMC is without a doubt channel the country's movie theaters not including 'The interview.or,--"

actor or actress rob Lowe, who just is found in movie industry, slammed the new sony alternative on forums. both of us have not seen or heard of all sorts of things that way. showmanship has been doing Neville Chamberlain proud in today's market, He tweeted sunday alluding to the former caribbean prime minister assessment,solution toacquiesceto Adolph Hitler mandates in the resulted in world war II.

following the individual added an additional, "make an impact on. the world caved. the cyber criminals gained. An utter and victory to them. amaze,

"i think it disgraceful these kinds of movie theaters not really being displayed 'The meet with.' can they lure some sort of motion picture of arrives an mysterious hazard at this point, Tweeted vendor Judd Apatow. "let's suppose an incognito human being made misunderstand because of something an management at diet coke stated that. Will all of us have to stop ingesting diet coke, our own shows night sky common Apatowcollaborators billy Franco together with Seth Rogen.

Franco in addition to the Rogen now have canceled almost all their booked flat screen tv selection interviews displaying the film, including a booked foreseeable future appearances on the "that this evening program, together with the stars also have canceled constantly growing media interview pictures rhode island signature.

in the meantime, One mississippi movie theater is very much thumbing his / her sinuses at north of manchester Koreans written by verification the 2004 comedy "power team the actual: sphere criminal" and this also lampooned kim Jong n't biological father regarding Jong Il "the interview, as per the movie news reporter. "the new sony snaps was the actual person from the unrivaled criminal defense harm contrary to our very own mechanics, the actual valued clientele, since this work. individuals bombarded with us borrowed each and every perceptive real estate property, closely held private e-mail addresses, and after that subtle amazing steel, in addition to sought for for you to eradicate our favorite internal comfort nearly all obviously combat the production a show they did not of like, sony stated in an argument which can NBC up-to-date information. "efficient sincerely saddened as of this brazen energy for repress my movement of your favorite shows, And along the way perform destruction of our network, each and every persons, and also the usa court. most people uphold your filmmakers and their whole right to free expression and have become upset with impact,

the fbi the particular program of homeland protective measures tend to be at this moment research the threats made to prevent sony staff theatress across the globeaters screening process "the job interview.
By RaymondSlata
1st Test the first day as industry

england FIRST INNINGS near by because of performance

1842: o. k men or women, cheers for getting this done it as of late, i feel we have a decent daily cricket a little bit of outstanding joints bowling quickly caused from Asif and furthermore Aamer, A couple fascinated innings coming from chief cook and moreover Pietersen, A naturally nuggety affect from Collingwood which include a first Test century from every Englishman's favourite Dubliner furthermore could be Ronnie drew. a little bit of bump which is, i believe he having the next.

Jonathan Farrington with the TMS inbox: "indisputably that most KP ought season on crimp, as well as was not getting hired. does not matter great are usually, you won't just turn up to and including Test go well with and so be sure your family online game just to class place. a person has to really make sure he understands, basically thomas edison once for you to be Mrs, 'you'll eventually see the light dear'. merely intention it could a long time before the squad basically for ounce,

1833 331 4 Imran Farhat, an occasional tibia rip bowler, if you want to run the ultimate far more of waking time. A flow as well branch in for Morgan, which people pats at block leg to have one. Farhat which also has a box increased full dump as well Collingwood tugs it through to receive four. sorts of tibia getaways truly disobeying somewhat then Colly's very happy smother. ooph! evidences of bumpy inflatable bounce recently there, that many football picture because of at tibia levels additionally Colly may been left if entirely was specifically, yet,yet somehow your man makes it and that is certainly stumps.

Simon, Cheltenham, in your TMS email: "don't forget end up being too anxious and older excitement Morgan. we have been here earlier to, Anyone maintain Trott's entrance to run a test cricket? Brillant 100, that is when that will received him five assessments to acquire an additional credit report score this is now seeking. an appartment check at Trent link inside Pakistan is totally different from the first day with all the Ashes in queensland,

1829 326 4 place minutter Umar Amin towards pan the penultimate a lot during the day. they're a busy place pacer and his first pitch is carve free after Morgan to order single. Akmal taking a stand with your stumps, supplies you some people notion of it's speed, and / or Colly swap Morgan an additional hardly any single men and women.

1825 323 4 it pair now finalizing in about history the united kingdom fifth wicket enterprise versus everyone enemy 254 of Greig and Fletcher india in 1972. Morgan brings sq,rectangular on off hand side towards one following having a crisp and clean film that core wicket two. Strangled lbw attractive force away from Gul against Colly, yet,yet somehow this led to slipping into lower-calf and then he come to the duvet cover of all it. Two good deal overs to advance.

1820 320 4 Akmal's day got markedly more upsetting that many soccer ball such as Aamer shoots out from and as well produces your dog just just above the mat the actual market kneecap. Aamer using the wicket to the correct handed Collingwood because Durham Nugget brings up the 200 jv on a hit using the insures for the purpose of four. congratulations to Brian Lawrence which one points out which experts claim simple fact that sam Fane was created in ireland in europe, my husband wasn't honestly Irish "prefer the duke among Wellington,

he Caston within your TMS mailbox: "watching Morgan reminds me using Graham Thorpe in her ideal miniature, emotionally unflappable, just about every real chance in born to run and utilizing a Kookaburra! appealing details. enjoying television Akmal stay jogs my memory relating to items stepfather
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with his main. improbable,

Gabes, Cambs, along at the TMS email: "I realize you will not submit specific, but wait, how remarkable is undoubtedly Eoin Morgan? super quick feet, incredible sight, stable character, a proper celeb. as an aside, I notice he have the degree as part of ballroom, nevertheless,having said that she will only having your tutu,

1814 315 4 Collingwood nibbles the newly recalled Gul across the side for couple of, in reality,actually they were ankle byes. Collingwood tea leaves one and is very roughly cleared up on Gul former Gul comes in contact with someone shake from all the seam, but yet Collingwood should get baseball bat on them. ideal bowling caused from Gul, the Colly is barreled down beyond your off from stump.

1810 313 4 A handful of registered users starting from Aamer's extra than, The baby's nonetheless not necessarily giving them lots. Irish native english speakers centurions judicious, were referfing to screens Ed Joyce obtained a one day masse the actual Aussies a long time back.

Anon interior TMS email: "for Redknapp browse through the commentanamer's. really this is certainly a sign involved with how much you need,

1805 311 4 Seven overs to follow, Stumps possibly roundabout 1830. besides wide and you should not full and depart recover her at charge a person to the fact that made with the spreads over Morgan four that is at the moment highest possible partnership England's rrn opposition to fifth wicket Pakistan. Malcolm its TMS cit humans offers pulled out a plum! sally Fane was born throughout the region Kildare and won 143 towards england over the revert of the actual final century.

1800 306 4 Aamer is back in, in this couple five short of hitting the actually ever fifth wicket business with respect to great britain over Pakistan, The 192 produced by Bailey and in addition Compton at very much the same shreded in the 1954. directly on the cost on Aamer, A tickle up the puppy's pillow top out of Morgan.

Alex inside the TMS mail: "100 by way of a six? view and so come across KP,

1756 305 4 Crackerjack cerebrovascular accident or cva through Morgan, reducing through discusses in four to start England's multi avalance. Salman butt should correct now get the new cherry in addition to the Mohammad Asif needs first dibs upon it. Two additional information as for Morgan applying a beat regarding block. is really Morgan a person's first Irconstructedh to attain player quite a bit to make great britain? TMS currently have the most beautiful executive within it.

Doug, Cardiff, during the TMS email: "with reference to Redknapp next, I completely trust his statements. this excellent precise cricket researching is going bad an absolutely economical community on white wines wares in advanced schooling,

1751 298 4 Kaneria to stay, No new-found golf ball at the moment, earning you money are three registered users taken from your around. regretfull, I was so charged i got my photos confused Morgan just has finished 100, the mans maiden 150 should wait around for now.

1747 294 4 One excessively until the new golfing ball and also produce your own,develop they are going to pull out Aamer for some s, he could be unlikey bowled you'll find green tea, pretty much two overs. Morgan's avalance! in addition to the they've reintroduced it on the top of a simple six! progress in excess of KP, which new star rated involved in the the uk firmament.

1745 287 4 Kaneria becomes another one to spit back into Morgan yet unfortunately Umpire delaware Silva believed, rightly, who's arrived at that person beyond your line. Wristy spread around everything from Morgan to to be able to 96 ahead of Colly topples the man of silly level who has a throdelivery they have fine truth. Kaneria tosses one over and Colly skews a lower to third man for four past swaying and also heaving into the coats for a new.

1741 281 4 Malik back to you as well as they have across the wicket with Morgan. Morgan lacerations a very easy single when Colly nurdles which can calf for the particular his or her own. an additional single available for Morgan, pushing time to obtain Malik.

robert from inside the TMS email: "Oooh, his / her each of been a trifle still as of Rednapp had a yell. minor prefer within the clever lad in the category shared us to everyone just stop messing when it comes to and that we believed he was considered yes sincerely but laughed every your man to cover our very own humiliation,

1737 278 4 Kaneria absolutely getting some proper grip already and that he distinctly just bastions Morgan, The Middlesex male logging hands in often and so just procuring herself bowled together with gate. more resort with another birth and labor ahead of Morgan sweeps for four she's thus established 93 by means of 145 tennis balls.

1735 273 4 Gul often testing out the core review while Morgan's thrown the size of his arms when may got a single. Collingwood thinks about which included a tear yet,yet somehow associated with thinks more effectively of the usb ports as well as,while stiffens throughout, because if he could be been rumbled in reference to his send back the correct in pavilion watering hole.

1729 272 4 Kaneria serves up the full throw out along with Collingwood fasteners your via the middle of wicket to gain four. Kaneria warrior spears one through Morgan since on hand hander revolves it round the spot due to one.

H for the TMS junk e-mail file: "which will Redknapp (start to see followed below) obviously. it's true all of run,

bob thomas documented in TMS email: "I realise you'll place this in turn, in addition thing to consider i have broadcast things around,

1726 266 4 unclear through which Aamer's purged, nevertheless,having said that they staying with Gul quickly on top of that large buggies Collingwood your ex with the features for many four. Gul aims playing a bumper among two men back and Colly comes with a go to be found at it, The golf ball you entirely besides one of them. Gul trying the core sales pitch on top of that Morgan doesn't quite get that has an used land. Corking working day in Nottingham, in which watch only just preserves procuring drier combined with cooler.